BSP Announces To Fight Assembly Elections Alone In UP

BSP announces to fight assembly elections alone in UP, Mayawati said – No alliance except Punjab.

Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati has categorically rejected the news of an alliance with any party in the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh as well as Uttarakhand.

Former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati, in a series of four tweets on Sunday, ruled out any alliance with anyone in any state other than the Akali Dal in Punjab.

Mayawati came on the front after the news of the BSP’s alliance with Owaisi’s party in Uttar Pradesh, as well as speculation, and she told all these rumors to the media.

Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati said that our party will fight the assembly elections on its own in Uttarakhand along with Uttar Pradesh.

In Uttar Pradesh, our party is not having any alliance with Asaduddin Owaisi’s party AIMIM.

He has denied any kind of news. Mayawati has said that the Bahujan Samaj Party will fight alone in the 2022 assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh.

Party supremo Mayawati said that we have an alliance with Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab. Apart from this, there has not been an alliance with any party in any other state, nor will there be any further.

All the political parties are busy in the preparations for the 2022 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Bahujan Samaj Party, out of power in Uttar Pradesh since 2012, has also geared up this time.

The BSP chief is also making a lot of changes in the party regarding this. BSP National President Mayawati has made it clear that this time in UP, the BSP will not form an alliance with anyone.

A news channel had aired the news of Asaduddin Owaisi’s alliance between AIMIM and BSP. Mayawati has vehemently denied it.

BSP supremo Mayawati tweeted that news is being broadcast in a media news channel since yesterday that Owaisi’s party AIMIM and BSP will fight the general elections in Uttar Pradesh together.

This news is completely false, misleading, and factless. There is not even an iota of truth in this. BSP vehemently denies this.

Mayawati further said that in this regard, the party is again making it clear that the BSP will not contest the general elections of the assembly to be held in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand at the beginning of next year in an alliance with any party except Punjab.

Of course, she will fight alone. Mayawati rubbished the news of the alliance.

Mayawati had earlier in March also announced to fight alone in the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. “Our party’s experience of alliance with anyone has not been good.

The leaders and workers of our party and our voters are very disciplined. This is not the case with other parties in the country.

Mayawati said that in alliance with anyone, our vote gets transferred to that party, whereas we are not able to get the vote of other parties.

It is a very bad and bitter experience. In the future, we will not form any alliance with any party.

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