British Queen Camilla Narrowly Survived In A Plane Crash

British Queen Camilla narrowly survived in a plane crash, see the list of the world’s painful plane accidents here.

A bird collided with a British Airways plane, causing damage to the front of the plane. This plane was going from Bangalore to London in Karnataka when this accident happened.

British Queen Camilla was also sitting in this plane. A major accident was averted after the bird collided with the plane and a major accident was averted due to the pilot’s wisdom.

British Airways Boeing 777-200ER plane crash.

A British Airways Boeing 777-200ER plane was flying from Bangalore to London when a bird collided. Camilla’s life was narrowly saved in this accident.

However, there is no comment yet from Buckingham Palace regarding Camilla. For information, let us tell you that 75-year-old Camilla was on a tour of India a few days ago.

British Queen Camilla narrowly survived in a plane crash: The increasing number of plane accidents.

Incidents of birds colliding with aircraft are frequent. Meanwhile, sparks started emanating from the engine of the IndiGo aircraft, which was ready to take off at Delhi’s IGI Airport on Friday.

The aircraft was immediately stopped.

Along with 177 passengers, seven crew members were also on board this plane. IndiGo aircraft 6E 2131 was flying from New Delhi to Bangalore when the accident happened.

Tragic plane crashes of the world.

There was a major plane crash on 8 January 2020 at Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran, Iran.

As soon as the Boeing-737 aircraft took off, the plane crashed 3 minutes later. In this plane, 176 people were killed and all were killed.

Pakistan International Airlines flight PK-8303 had become a victim of an accident on 23 May 2020.

This plane was coming from Lahore to Karachi. About 99 passengers were on board the plane, out of which only 2 lives were saved.

The plane crashed in a residential area near Jinnah International Airport. 11 people present there were injured and several houses were also damaged.

On 29 November 2016, a charter plane coming from Brazil to Colombia crashed in the outlying mountainous area before landing at Madeline Airport.

Brazilian football team Chapecoense was aboard the plane, out of which 76 players were killed. The team was going to play in a regional tournament in Colombia.

On 28 April 1993 all 30 people on board a chartered Zambian Air Force flight, including 18 players from the Zambian national team, were killed.

The plane crashed in the sea off the coast of Gabon. The team was on its way to Senegal for the World Cup qualifiers.

In 1958, eight Manchester United players were among 23 people who died in a horrific plane crash. The plane had crashed during takeoff.

The plane crash happened when eight players were on their way back to Manchester from a European Cup match. Bobby Charlton survived the accident.

He was only 20 at the time and went on to become one of England’s finest players by winning the World Cup in 1966.

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