Allahabad High Court Asks CBI About Investigation: Hathras case

Allahabad High Court asks CBI – In what time will investigation of Hathras scandal be completed: Hathras case.

The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court has asked the CBI that how many days the investigation of the Hathras incident will be completed.

The court heard the case on November 2 and reserved the order, which was issued on Thursday. The court has also summoned the status report of the investigation on the next hearing.

The bench of Justice Pankaj Mitthal and Justice Rajan Roy is hearing the Hathras case taking suo motu cognizance. The court has also recorded the hearing process held on November 2 in an order issued on Thursday.

An application from the accused was also filed before the court regarding making himself a party to the case.

The court disposed of it saying that in the present case, the court is hearing two points, first on the monitoring of deliberations and second on the issue of the funeral of the deceased in compliance with the Supreme Court order of 27 October.

The court said that on both these points the accused have no right to be heard and hence they are not necessary parties at this stage. However, the court also clarified that if their rights are affected in any way or are likely to be affected, they will have the right to be heard.

Another application from the accused was for a media trial which was also disposed of by the court.

The court said that in its order dated October 12, we have directed the media and political parties not to express any view which would adversely affect the victim’s family or the rights of the accused.

The court did not find any further instructions required. However, it must be clarified that if there is anything that affects the rights or deliberations of the victim’s family or the accused, we will take notice of that.

With regard to District Magistrate Hathras Praveen Kumar, the court asked the state government whether it was fair and proper to maintain them in Hathras during deliberations. The court said that they are also connected to the process going on before us.

Wouldn’t it be appropriate that they be shifted elsewhere during these processes just for fairness and transparency? On this, the Advocates of the State Government have spoken about clarifying the Government’s stand on the next hearing.

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