Yuvraj Singh Thrashed 6 Consecutive Sixes, The Year 2007

Yuvraj Singh thrashed 6 consecutive sixes, made an amazing world record. Yuvraj Singh, one of the most dangerous left-handed batsmen of the Indian team, did this day in the year 2007, which has never happened in the history of Indian cricket. Even in the history of T20 International cricket, nobody has done this amazing. Yes, Yuvraj Singh created history by scoring 6 sixes in one over and set a world record just 13 years ago, which is very difficult to break.

In fact, on 19 September 2007, the 21st league match of the ICC T20 World Cup was played between India and England at Durban. In this match, the then captain of Team India MS Dhoni won the toss and elected to bat first. The Indian team did well in this match and scored 173 runs in 18 overs at the loss of 3 wickets. Meanwhile, something happened that Yuvraj Singh dismantled England bowler Stuart Broad.

Before the 19th over of the Indian innings, there was some debate between Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh and England’s Andrew Flintoff, Stuart Broad and captain Paul Collingwood. When the debate ended, Stuart Broad came to bowl and then what happened was recorded in the pages of a history. Yuvraj Singh hit sixes one after the other. Wherever Broad bowled, Yuvraj would send the ball across the boundary for six.

On the first ball of the last over of Stoart Broad’s quota, the famous Yuvrajne, named Sixer King, hit a six on the long-on with a high backlift. The second ball was again sent by Yuvi from mid-wicket and squareleg to the audience. On the third ball, Yuvraj hit a six off long off to complete a hat-trick of sixes. After this, the atmosphere had changed. There was UV-UV noise in the stadium and there was panic in the England camp.

Stuart Broad, captain Paul Collingwood and Flintoff talked about how to save runs, but Yuvraj Singh was not going to stop. Broad changed the end of the crease and threw the ball full toss outside the off stump, on which Yuvraj batted and the ball went over the points for a six. The fifth ball fell in Yuvraj’s court and he hit a six on long on. The last ball went for 6 runs over mid-wicket and history was made.

It was not yet in T20 cricket that someone hit 6 sixes in an over. Even today, it is not the case that in T20 International cricket someone has scored 36 runs in an over by hitting 6 consecutive sixes. However, in ODI cricket, Herschelle Gibbs hit 6 sixes in an over. During this innings, not only Yuvraj Singh made a world record of 6 sixes, but also the record of completing the lowest ball in international cricket.
Fitching in 12 balls

In this match, Yuvraj hit a fifty in just 12 balls, which was not only T20 International cricket but also the fastest in any format cricket. In this innings, Yuvraj Singh faced 16 balls against England and scored 58 runs, which included 3 fours and 7 sixes. It is worth noting that India won the final match of this T20 World Cup and made the first season of T20 World Cup in its name.

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