WWE Extraordinary Standards Results And Features

WWE Extraordinary Standards Results and Features, July 19, 2020: Drew McIntyre Safeguards WWE Title; Seth Rollins beats Rey Mysterio. WWE Outrageous Standards Results and Features | Whinny Wyatt and Braun Strowman took their contention to new profundities in a one of a kind Marsh Battle, Drew McIntyre conquered the chances to hold the WWE Title, Seth Rollins vanquished Rey Mysterio in the most upsetting of styles, and debate proliferates following a disorganized completion of the Crude Ladies’ Championship.

Outrageous Standards Results

“The Fiend” Whinny Wyatt reemerges in strange Marsh Battle

Braun Strowman took Bawl Wyatt’s trap, and he may never be the equivalent after the first-historically speaking Marsh Battle. True to form, Strowman and Wyatt’s arrival to the marsh was chockful of mental fighting, and the General Hero immediately got maddened with his previous pioneer’s psyche game.

The battle just got more odd from that point. The Beast Among Men saw a dream of Alexa Rapture, his previous Blended Match Challenge Accomplice, apparently coaxing Strowman toward her. He next found a little, commander less pontoon, however he was out of nowhere caught unaware by Wyatt, who lowered him in the marsh.

Wyatt battered him over and over with a club until Strowman at long last warded him off, apparently for good. That was until Wyatt reappeared from the profundities of the marsh, assaulting Strowman with the Mandible Hook and pulling him underneath the water with him. Minutes after the fact, just “The Monster” Whinny Wyatt reemerged, with no indication of Strowman.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre def. Dolph Ziggler

The chance for survival was not good for Drew McIntyre in his WWE Title resistance against Dolph Ziggler. Be that as it may, even in a match where Outrageous Principles applied uniquely for Ziggler — and one where Ziggler could likewise turn into the new WWE Champion by pinfall, accommodation, exclusion or check out — McIntyre still figured out how to win.

Crude Ladies’ Championship closes in contention

From a strict perspective, Sasha Banks left The Loathsomeness Show at WWE Outrageous Standards with the Crude Ladies’ Title, yet not without debate.

The Genuine Supervisor was extra awful from the beginning, conveying a short finger lock and utilizing different assortments of exact appendage control to smother Asuka. A to and fro fight on the cover demonstrated particularly desperate for Asuka, who was pummeled back-first into the ringside plexiglass.

Banks’ resulting frog splash just got a two-tally, however. Rollins followed with his Step, leaving Mysterio vulnerable for his eye to by and by be ground into the means — this chance to the point of extraction. The Monday Night Savior was quickly nauseated by his workmanship, while Mysterio got clinical consideration after one of the most abhorrent ends in WWE history.

Seth Rollins def. Rey Mysterio (Tit for tat Match)

Not even Seth Rollins was set up for seeing what he had vowed to do to Rey Mysterio. Coming equipped with plyers, The Monday Night Savior was never going to budge on triumph in the first-historically speaking Tit for tat Match. The battle immediately got dreadful, as Rollins utilized the foot of a steel seat and a pen from the report work area, among different articles

MVP announced himself the new US Champion

After Apollo Teams was considered incapable to contend, MVP asserts that he is presently the meriting US Champion

SmackDown Ladies’ Victor Bayley def. Nikki Cross

Indeed, even Nikki Cross’ most vivacious exertion wasn’t sufficient to bring down Bayley’s guile and her SmackDown Ladies’ Title rule. Bluster about expense Bayley ahead of schedule, as Cross scored a close fall after a swinging neckbreaker. Cross proceeded with the frantic pace, putting her foot on the gas with a cyclone DDT outwardly and a couple of top-rope crossbodies.

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura def. The New Day to turn into the new SmackDown Label Group Champions (Tables Match)

The New Day is no longer SmackDown Label Group Champions on account of some astute tables collaboration by Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. The new victors secluded their adversaries over and over, first concentrating on Kofi Kingston in the wake of taking out Huge E early.

Be that as it may, the force to be reckoned with of The New Day recouped faster than Cesaro and Nakamura likely envisioned and almost split Cesaro down the middle with a lance off the cover to the outside tangle. Minutes after the fact, Enormous E propelled Kofi over the top rope, just to be met face-first with a table held up by Cesaro and Nakamura.

Kevin Owens def. Murphy (Opening shot Match)

Kevin Owens put another score in his belt in his proceeded with war against The Monday Night Savior and his devotee, winning a hard-battled prevail upon Murphy on The Repulsiveness Show at WWE Outrageous Principles The opening shot.

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