Uri Encounter: Three Terrorists Killed, Avenging Soldiers’ Martyrdom In Baramulla

Uri Encounter: Three terrorists killed, avenging Soldiers’ Martyrdom in Baramulla.

In a fierce encounter near the LOC in Uri, three terrorists were neutralized, and two bodies recovered, marking a significant victory for security forces. Get the latest updates on this operation.

All three terrorists were killed in Uri engagement, avenging the martyrdom of soldiers in Baramulla; two bodies recovered.

All three terrorists have been killed in an encounter between terrorists and security forces in the Uri (Baramulla) sector adjacent to the LOC in North Kashmir.

According to information received from the news agency, three terrorists were hiding in Uri, out of which the first two were killed.

At the same time, now the third terrorist has been neutralized.

According to the information, security forces have also recovered the bodies of two terrorists. At the same time, the search for the third terrorist is also going on.

His body is lying near the LOC. The body of the third terrorist has not been recovered because there is continuous firing from the Pakistan checkpost.

Projectiles were terminated to escape from security powers.

On Saturday, the sound of slugs repeated when the psychological militants, seeing them coming towards their refuge, started shooting to escape from the security powers.

The security powers quickly took their positions and fought back.

Experience occurring on the edges of Hathlanga.

It isn’t evident whether the fear mongers caught in the attack have as of late penetrated from Jammu and Kashmir or were at that point present around here.

This experience happens on the edges of the high-level town of Hathlanga. There is likewise a thick timberland, a channel, and a few empty houses.

Concerned authorities said that the police had come to be aware from their framework the previous evening that a gathering of fear-mongers had been seen close to Hathlanga.

Conflict among fearmongers and warriors.

When the news was gotten, a joint team of police and armed forces cordoned off the area and sent off an inquiry activity.

Early today, when the troopers were pushing forward during the pursuit, the fear-based oppressors broke the cordon and started shooting at them to get away.

The fighters additionally took their positions and fought back. The fearmongers additionally shot rifle projectiles and UBGL at the warriors.

Two terrorists were arrested in Uri.

Additional security forces from nearby camps and posts also reached the encounter site. After which the ready soldiers killed each and every terrorist.

It is noteworthy that last Friday, security forces arrested two local terrorists of Lashkar-e-Taiba in the Uri sector itself.

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