SVP National Police Academy’s 80 Personnel, Corona positive

SVP National Police Academy’s 80 personnel, including officers, Corona positive: Telangana. Cases of corona infection in Telangana are increasing rapidly. Corona test positive of 80 employees of SVP National Police Academy has come here, including some officers. According to information received from the sources, the infected personnel was tested in a phased manner and then quarantined accordingly.

The condition of all the infected personnel remains stable at the moment. Sources said that all the infected employees were not sent on duty and some workers who had earlier confirmed the infection would be cured soon. The academy organized a convocation parade of 131 IPS probationers of 71RR (2018) batch on 4 September.

Explain that till Monday morning the number of infected in Telangana was 1,42,771. More than 1,800 cases of infection were reported on Sunday in the state, while the number of patients cured during this period was more than the number of patients. After the new cases, the number of infected people in the state reached 1,42,771.

Of these, 895 people have lost their lives due to Corona. At the same time, there are 31,635 active cases in the state of which 24,596 people are being isolated at homes or centers. According to the department, by Monday morning the number of people recovering from Corona had risen to 1,10,241.

With this, the recovery rate in the state has been 77.2 percent. Officials had said that out of a total of 1,42,771 cases of infection, 98,512 cases were untreated and 44,259 cases showed symptoms.

Telangana police on Monday arrested a person involved in the incidents of theft in at least 90 houses along the border of Cyberabad and Hyderabad. According to the police, the accused have been identified as Avula Kiran Kumar (31) alias Rahul and Kiran, a resident of Saraswati Nagar in Mehboob Nagar district. At the same time, the receiver has also been arrested in the case, which has been identified as M Srinivasulu.

Detective Inspector and Crime Staff of Kukatpally Housing Board Colony (KPHB) Police Station of Madhapur Zone detected 10 property offenses in the border of Cyberabad and Hyderabad Commissionerate and also had gold and silver items worth Rs 16,70,000 from them. Have been recovered.

Police said that Avula Kiran Kumar is a professional thief and in the past he has also been involved in cases of theft in at least 90 houses. All these thefts have taken place in various districts including Cyberabad, Hyderabad, Rachkonda and Khammam. Police said that the accused first makes rounds in the city and surrounding areas and plans to steal the houses that are locked.

After this, he breaks the lock of the house and enters it according to his convenience, for this he usually uses an iron road. Apart from this, the police also said that the accused has a white-colored sooty and black color helmet. He lives a life of comfort by going to pubs, bars and luxury hotels with stolen money.

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