Suspected IS Terrorist Arrested By NIA In Bengaluru: He Was Planning To Go To Syria

Suspected IS terrorist arrested by NIA in Bengaluru, accused was planning to go to Syria: Karnataka.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Saturday carried out searches at several places in Mumbai and Bengaluru against some suspects having links with terror outfits ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Sources said that during this period digital devices and incriminating documents have been seized from the suspects’ locations.

A suspected terrorist was arrested.

The NIA has arrested a suspected terrorist from Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka. The name of the suspected ISIS terrorist is being told as Arif. The police and the agency have taken this action jointly.

The accused is a resident of Aligarh.

It is being told that the accused is a resident of Aligarh in UP and his name is Mohammad Arif. Arif was on his way to Syria from Bangalore.

Karnataka Home Minister Araga Janendra said the man was arrested following specific information. “Mohammad Arif has been arrested by police in Bengaluru last night.

Information about the suspect’s links with an international terrorist organization has been received. He is being interrogated,” he said.

“These people are trying to align themselves with organizations that want to disrupt peace and harmony and undermine India by inciting public sentiment,” he said.

Sources close to the minister said Arif moved to Bangalore four years ago. He has a spouse and children.

NIA searches in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Sources said the NIA had today carried out searches in Bengaluru and Mumbai against suspected ISIS and Al-Qaeda links. After a search, a suspect was arrested from Bengaluru.

Karnataka High Court handed over the rights of his daughter to the father, given the decision due to the mother’s illegal relations.

The Karnataka High Court has handed over the rights of a minor girl child to the father as the mother had an illegitimate relationship.

Upholding the decision of the Family Court, the High Court has given the right of the child to the father.

The child’s father had sought custody of the minor due to the woman’s illicit relationship with another man.

The High Court in its judgment said that she (the mother) had given more importance to her illicit relationship and neglected the child. That’s why the right of the girl child has been given to the father.

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