Sonia Gandhi Said The Dictatorship Dominating Democracy

Sonia Gandhi said the dictatorship dominating democracy, anti-poor forces are spreading poison in the country. Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday alleged that anti-national and anti-poor forces are spreading poison of violence and hate in India. He said that the influence of dictatorship on the country’s democracy (democracy) is increasing.

The leaders who laid the foundation of the country would never have thought that after 75 years of independence the Constitution and democracy would be in danger because bad thinking is now dominating. The Congress President said that at the present time freedom of expression is in danger and democratic institutions are being ruined.

Addressing the people through video conferencing on the occasion of the foundation stone laying ceremony of the new building of Chhattisgarh Assembly, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that we have to remember that our constitution will not protect these buildings from emotions.

The entry of corrupt and wrong feelings will have to be stopped from these buildings only then our constitution will be saved. There is still much to be done to fulfill the pledge that we had made during the freedom struggle. Democracy has faced new challenges for some time.

Sonia Gandhi said that after a long period of 15 years, the Congress government was formed in Chhattisgarh. What happened in Chhattisgarh in previous years is an example that a directionless and thoughtless government can never think of public interest. I am happy that our government is working in the right direction.

Efforts are being made to derail the country for some time. New challenges have come in front of democracy. The country stands at a crossroads. Anti-poor and anti-national forces are poisoning hate and violence. Sonia Gandhi, without anyone’s name, said what do they want? They want to suppress the voice of the people. They want to keep the silence of youth, tribals, women, farmers, shopkeepers, small traders, and jawans.

Bad thinking is dominating good thinking and freedom of expression is in danger. Our ancestors, including the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, former Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, GV Mavalankar, Dr. BR Ambedkar, would never have imagined that after 75 years of independence, the country will face so many difficulties and our Constitution and democracy will be in danger.

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