Serological Survey To Deal With Corona Infection Will Start In UP

Serological survey to deal with corona infection will start in UP, Agra, and Meerut. Serological Surveys are already being done in many states across the country including Delhi, Maharashtra. Now Uttar Pradesh is also going to start this.

The UP government has taken a big decision in view of the increasing case of Corona (COVID-19) in Uttar Pradesh. Under this, an antibody detection exercise will be done to prevent the corona infection from progressing further.

The government is preparing that the Health Department will conduct a Serological Survey to find out the corona infection level in Uttar Pradesh.

Detection of antibodies by taking random blood samples

According to the information, it is likely to start from August 5. In this survey, antibodies will be tested by taking random blood samples of the people and it will be known how the immunity in the samples is?

For this, the Health Department of UP is buying one lakh kits. With which this test will be done from place to place. In the initial survey, districts including Agra, Meerut are being included, where the infection is now decreasing. There is scope for more accurate data on immunity.

Already implemented in Delhi, Maharashtra
In fact, the government believes that testing the presence of anti-body in people is the only way to prevent the infection from progressing or to ascertain the actual data about the level of risk.

The Cerro survey is a reliable method used globally to measure the level of antibodies against a certain infection. This technique is also used to check the vaccination on a large scale and to see the level of immunity of the people.

Let me tell you that in many states including Delhi, Maharashtra, serosurveys are already being done. Now Uttar Pradesh is going to start for this.

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