Second Case Against BJP MLA In A Week: UP Election 2022

Second case against BJP MLA in a week, the action was taken for giving a provocative speech: UP Election 2022.

Police have registered a case against Raghavendra Pratap Singh, MLA of Dumariaganj in Siddharthnagar district, and BJP candidate for making inflammatory speeches.

This action has been taken on the basis of viral video. This is the second case against Raghavendra Singh for violating the code of conduct in the last seven days.

Earlier, a case was registered at Bhawaniganj police station.

This is an objectionable statement.

The viral video is being told of a street meeting held on February 19 in Pedari Mustakham village of Dumariaganj police station.

In the one-and-a-half-minute viral video, the MLA is saying – ‘The Hindus of this village who go on the other side, get the blood of Muslims running inside.

He is a Muslim. Apart from this, there is also an offensive speech. The voice of a person is also coming in the video who is telling someone’s name. The complaint reached the administration.

After getting the video investigated, a case of provocative speech has been registered in Dumariaganj police station on the complaint of the flying squad in-charge Rana Pratap Singh.

This video is from five days ago, but these words were used in another context. I didn’t mean to threaten anyone. I have said these things, I am not denying it.

By example in speech and comparing with the past. I think the whole speech was not such that people remove or add words. Raghavendra Singh, MLA and BJP candidate Dumariaganj.

A video of a BJP candidate is going viral on internet media.

If confirmed in the investigation on the complaint, statements against the candidate hurt religious sentiments, thereby disrupting public peace (IPC Section 153-A), insulting the religion of any class (IPC Section 295-A), different communities.

A case has been registered under 125 Representation of the People Act along with making an attempt to create enmity between Police is busy in taking action. – Dr. Yashveer Singh, Superintendent of Police.

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