Searching For Sheela: Netflix Releases A Documentary

Searching For Sheela: Netflix releases a documentary on Osho Rajneesh’s controversial secretary ‘Maa Anand Sheela’.

Netflix has released the trailer of Searching For Sheela, a documentary on Osho Rajneesh’s former secretary Ma Anand Sheela.

This documentary is co-produced by Karan Johar’s company Dharmatic Entertainment. Karan shared the trailer and informed, that the documentary will be released on April 22.

The two-minute trailer features glimpses of the life of mother Anand Sheela. The beginning begins with the clip of Osho Rajneesh, in which he is saying, people who do not commit a crime, do not run like this.

This is followed by footage of Sheila returning to India and the voiceover going on – Happy Homecoming Sheila. In the documentary, Sheela’s old visions are shown and she is told that she has been accused of cheating and attempt to murder.

In the middle comes a clip of Rajneesh, he says – he is a murderer. Under the burden of the crimes he has committed, he will suffer all his life.

After this, Sheela is seen saying that the world sees me from her point of view. In her relationship with Rajneesh, Sheela says that she loved me.

In one of the footage, Sheela Karan poses with Johar. She tells him that my scandal is much bigger than show-business scandals. Karan says on this – rightly said, they are all kindergarten scandals.

Osho, who came out of Gujarat and came very close to Rajneesh, Sheila further states that I had to face many difficulties after leaving God (Rajneesh).

But, history did not write my share. This is the history of God and not of Sheela. The clip of the interview with journalist Barkha Dutt is also included in the documentary.

Earlier, Netflix released the documentary Wild Wild Country on the life of Lord Osho Rajneesh, which received a good response

The Searching for Sheila documentary shows the events from Sheila’s perspective. Shakun Batra is its executive producer.

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