Sachin Pilot Is Fighting With Silence As A Weapon

Sachin Pilot is fighting with silence as a weapon, yet not commenting on Congress. Sachin Pilot, who became the focal point of Rajasthan’s political crisis, and his camp are fighting a battle by making silence a weapon.

The pilots are almost silent, while their fellow MLAs are making rhetoric, but that too is mainly in the form of reactions to events and statements. Usually, in cases like this political crisis, there is a round of sharp accusations and counter-statements against each other, but the picture of Rajasthan is looking different.

The stance of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is seen here. His ineffective and unacceptable statement to Sachin is being described as his fiercest response to any leader to date.

Other leaders of the Gehlot camp are not making direct statements about the pilot. However, attacks are being made on his comrades. Two days ago, Transport Minister Pratap Singh Khachariwas had made a scathing attack on rebel MLA Vedprakash Solanki, to which Solanki responded by releasing a video.

At the same time, talking about the other, the pilot camp, there is no direct statement coming from this camp. Whatever is coming, it is coming as a reaction. Sachin Pilot himself has so far released only one big statement in this matter.

The statement was also a response to Gehlot’s no-nonsense, negative statement, and an alleged offer of Rs 35 crore to Girraj Malinga, an MLA of the Gehlot camp.

He mainly said that I am saddened by such allegations, but I am not surprised. Along with this, he had warned the legislator of the charge to take legal action.

On this day, many of his supporters on social media demanded a quick response from him, but the pilot remained silent. Apart from this, he once made it clear that he would not join the BJP.

Apart from this, no statement or response has come from his side so far. Initially, one or two of his companions were making statements on Twitter in the form of poems and poetry, which is now almost closed.

These leaders have not given a single statement against the party or the party’s national leadership so far, but the pictures of Pilot’s Facebook post on Monday showed the Congress’ mind.
According to those who know the pilot group closely, this group is taking full care that no statement of any kind is made which indicates their strategy or becomes the basis of anti-party action against them.

Sachin is also going very well due to the soft attitude of the party’s high command regarding Sachin.

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