Ruckus On Social Media Regarding A Scene Of “A Suitable Boy”

Ruckus on social media regarding this scene of A Suitable Boy, now MP Home Minister also ordered an inquiry.

Once again, the content of the film released on the OTT platform has created a ruckus.

This time the ruckus is happening on a scene from the recently released film ‘A Suitable Boy’. Since Sunday, users have been registering their objection to this scene on social media.

Users are demanding a boycott of Netflix, along with the film’s buyout. Users say that there is a scene in this film that has hurt the sentiments of Hindus and that scene is anti-Hindu.

There is not only a ruckus on social media about this scene of the film, while an FIR has been filed regarding this scene.

Also, now Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has ordered the MP Police to investigate the matter.

He says that it has shown extremely objectionable scenes that hurt the sentiments of a particular religion and I have directed the police officers to get this controversial content tested.

What is the scene that created a ruckus?

Actually, the film has a scene in which the lead actors are seen kissing each other in a temple. This kissing scene is of a few seconds, in which the temple is seen in the background.

It is alleged that three kissing scenes have been shown in the film, which are being described as obscene.

This scene has created a ruckus after Gaurav Tiwari lodged an FIR in Rewa and since then Netflix and A Suitable Boy have been in discussion on social media.

Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh Narottam Mishra tweeted – ‘A film named “A Suitable Boy” has been released on an OTT media platform.

It shows extremely objectionable scenes that hurt the feelings of a particular religion. I have directed the police officers to get this controversial content tested.

Also in the next tweet, Mishra has written – ‘Police officers will test and tell what legal action can be taken against the concerned OTT platform and the director of the film for hurting religious sentiments.’

At the same time, Gaurav Tiwari says, ‘In its’ A Suitable Boy’ program, Netflix shot kissing scenes in the temple courtyard thrice in a single episode.

According to the script, a Hindu woman is in love with a Muslim young man, but why was everyone shot in the kissing scene in the temple courtyard.

I have lodged an FIR in Rewa on this matter. Since then, the film is constantly being discussed on social media.

However, many people are also supporting this kissing scene.

In such a situation, people are also sharing pictures of Khajuraho temple on social media, in which there is mention of sexual intercourse among idols.

Through these old sculptures, people are standing with this kissing scene in the temple.

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