Rapidly Increasing Man-animal Conflict, Kerala Government Wants National Level Consensus On Law For Settlement

Rapidly increasing man-animal conflict, the Kerala government wants national-level consensus on law for settlement.

The Kerala government has sought a national consensus to pass a law regulating the nationally reported human-animal conflict.

In fact, over the past few months, the state government has made demands due to the increasing number of cases of human-animal conflict in the state.

Rapidly increasing man-animal conflict: Cases of this kind are increasing in the country.

Such cases are constantly brought to the fore in the state. One such case occurred in the Idukki region of Kerala.

In fact, the elephants here have caused a lot of fear over the past few days. These elephants raided shops and homes in search of rice.

Elephants caused significant damage to settlements in parts of the county.

After months of torture, the elephant was finally euthanized and released into the jungles of the Periyar Tiger Reserve on Saturday.

A national agreement is needed.

Speaking to a news agency about the operation, State Forestry Minister A.K. Sasindran said conflicts between people and animals are not new to the country and a national consensus is needed to resolve the issue.

“Conflicts between humans and animals are a new problem in this country and we need to reach a national consensus to pass laws to address those conflicts,” Sasindran said.

He also stressed the importance of protecting both wildlife and people.

The meeting was held after protests from the locals.

The meeting was organized by the Kerala government following protests by locals demanding a permanent solution to prevent herds of elephants from entering the area and wreaking havoc.

At this meeting, it was also decided to install a 21 km long solar fence around the residential areas most vulnerable to wildlife attacks.

Locals worry about the growing threat of tigers.

In Wayanad district, a large number of villagers staged a protest march on Tuesday and besieged a busy road, demanding immediate government intervention to control the growing threat from wild animals, especially tigers

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