Pakistan Is A Headache For The Whole World: Ram Madhav

Pakistan is a headache for the whole world, there are traces of all terrorist attacks: Ram Madhav said in America.

Senior BJP leader Ram Madhav said that Pakistan, which is a safe haven for terrorists, is a “headache” for the whole world as all major terror attacks across the world are traced to that country.

Madhav, in his keynote address at an event organized by Indian-Americans to celebrate ‘Global Anti-Terrorism Day’ here, said the world community needs to deal with the epicenter of global terror.

He told a gathering of Indian-Americans, ‘Remember Pakistan is not only a headache for India. This is a headache for the whole world. You cannot behave like a child (for Pakistan).

Madhav, a member of the RSS’s national executive, said that all the major terrorist incidents in the world have traces in Pakistan. Madhav said, ‘Look at the marks.

You will find them in Pakistan. a country that sponsors, promotes, funds, protects terrorists, is a safe haven for terrorists; We need to deal with that country.

He claimed that a group of intellectuals in Washington DC is busy defending Pakistan and its spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). They (ISI) are terror.

But they have successfully convinced some American intellectuals that they are trying hard, but these terrorist groups are not coming under their control.

In a light-hearted manner, Madhav asked the Indian-Americans to send some of these terrorists to India, so that they would be brought under control.

“India has successfully defeated terrorist groups including Kashmir,” Madhav said.

He said the perpetrators of terrorists and their support groups have to pay a heavy price for such activities.

Madhav alleged that some think tanks and some media outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post have “terror sympathies”.

Madhav in his remarks said that the fight against terrorism in the world will not be successful unless the last terrorist is eliminated.

He said, ‘Friends, terrorism can be defeated only when the last terrorist is defeated. Like a virus, as long as a terrorist is alive in one corner of the world, humanity is in danger.

First of all, what is needed is that there is a need for a united resolve to defeat and remove this calamity of mankind from the earth.

He said that India, which has been a victim of terrorism for the last several decades, has defeated terrorism.

Madhav said, ‘You have defeated terror in India. You can say that there are terrorists here and there in Kashmir, but today terrorism in India has become very costly for criminals.

Whatever is left, they will also end up in India very soon.

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