North Korea Claims Test Of Hypersonic Missile

North Korea claims test of a hypersonic missile, US calls it a threat to the international community.

North Korea has claimed that the country’s leader Kim Jong-Un oversaw a test of a hypersonic missile and said it would significantly increase its nuclear war defense capability.

Kim also called for the military to continue growing in strength.

The armies of the United States, South Korea, and Japan said on Tuesday that they had learned of North Korea’s test of a suspected ballistic missile in the East Sea.

North Korea claims test of a hypersonic missile: Hypersonic missile test claim.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) claimed on Wednesday that the most recent launch involved a hypersonic glide vehicle that shot down a target 1,000 km into the sea after being released from a rocket booster.

Prior to this, she performed ‘Glide Jump Flight’ and ‘Corkscrew Feat’.

Images released by the agency showed a missile carrying a pointed cone-shaped payload flying in the sky.

The missile was trailing orange flames and Kim was watching from a small cabin with top officials. It was the second test in a week by North Korea of ​​an alleged hypersonic missile.

Tested for the first time in September.

North Korea first tested a hypersonic missile in September.

KCNA said Kim described the recent test as the most important part of a new five-year plan announced in early 2021 to build North Korea’s military might.

It violates several UN Security Council resolutions and poses a threat to neighbors and the wider international community.

14th round of border talks with India amid dangerous intentions of China, India worried about Dragon’s border law

The 14th round of border talks between India and China is taking place at a time when Dragon is eager to strictly adhere to its new border law.

The special thing is that in this dialogue of the military commander level of both the countries, the process of withdrawing the soldiers of both the countries from the remaining places of confrontation in eastern Ladakh will be discussed.

However, even before the start of the talks, China has imposed the responsibility of normalizing the situation on the border by adopting a strategy of pressure.

In such a situation, the question arises that what is China’s new border law.

Due to China’s aggressive policy, this law is also being viewed with suspicion. Especially India is keeping a close eye on this law. It is believed that this law can be important for countries bordering China.

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