National Conference Suffered A Major Setback In Jammu

National Conference suffered a major setback, Devendra Rana left the post of the divisional head.

The National Conference has suffered a major setback. Particularly in the Jammu division, the party’s back has broken.

It is being told that Devendra Rana has resigned from the post of head of the Jammu division.

Although it has not been confirmed yet, if the news is confirmed, then the foundation of the National Conference in the Jammu division was shaken.

Devendra Rana is a strong leader of the Jammu division. He has a huge following of his own. He was a minister in the government of the National Conference.

Devendra Rana is the one who kept the National Conference in Jammu. The interesting thing is that news of Devendra Rana joining BJP is coming.

In the corridors of power, the news of Devendra Rana leaving the divisional head of the National Conference has started spreading early in the morning.

Seeing the sinking of the National Conference, if Devendra Rana has taken such a decision, then he will only get political benefit from it

. Discussions of his joining BJP have also started. However, this has not been confirmed by the BJP as of now.

But it is certain that if leaders of big stature like Devendra Rana are leaving the National Conference, then there will definitely be a big change in the politics of Jammu. Detailed information is awaited now.

Mehbooba Politics: On the pretext of Beat the Retreat.

President of Peoples Democratic Party Mehbooba Mufti has welcomed the start of Beat the Retreat ceremony at Aktrai Post in Suchetgarh, Jammu.

She also advocated for starting trade and travel between India and Pakistan on the pretext of the Suchetgarh-Sialkot route.

A day earlier, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha had started the Beat the Retreat Ceremony at the Octroy Post in Suchetgarh.

For many years, to promote tourism in the border areas, efforts were being made to start the retreat ceremony on the lines of the Bagha border on this post.

Several former chief ministers also announced this. In the last few months, there has been a lot of work done to start the retreat ceremony.

Now on Saturday, this effort turned into reality. Thousands of people participated in the ceremony on the first day itself. It was welcomed by all.

Now PDP President Mehbooba Mufti also welcomed the start of the retreat ceremony by tweeting on Sunday.

But at the same time, she also expressed hope that this would give a boost to tourism in the region on the one hand.

However, the government will start business and travel between Suchetgarh and Sialkot through this route.

She said that such steps will improve relations on the border and both the countries will also get economic benefits.

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