Sargam Kaushal Won The Title Of Mrs. World 2022

Sargam Kaushal won the title of Mrs. World 2022, and India was given the crown after 21 years.

A resident of Jammu city, Sargam Kaushal has brought India her laurels by earning the title of “Mrs. World”. Women from 63 countries around the world took part in the competition.

Almost 21 years later, this title was held by an Indian woman. Prior to Sargam Kaushal, Dr. Aditi Govitrikar won this title in 2001.

This was announced through the official page of the Instagram beauty pageant ‘Miss India’.

After winning the Sargam title, Jammu and Kashmir resident Kaushal also shared the video, saying, “I am very happy. We returned to the Taj in 21-22 years. I’m so excited.

I love India and I love my world. Sargam Kaushal, 32, hails from Jammu and Kashmir. Sargam completed his Ph.D. in English Literature. Sargam also worked as a teacher in Visakhapatnam.

Sargam Kaushal got married in 2018. Her father-in-law is in the Indian Navy. ‘`Mrs. World’ is the primary splendor festival for married women. It started in 1984.

In the past, Mrs. America, but later changed to Mrs. Lady of the World. She became known as “Mrs. World” only in 1988.

Sargam Kaushal won the title of Mrs. World 2022: In the past few years, more than 80 countries have received Mrs. World and participated in the world competition.

It is a global competition with the most winners in the United States. The first Mrs. The woman who won the World title was Sri Lanka’s Rosie Senanayake.

In 2001, Dr. Aditi Govitrikar Won the Mrs. World title. Aditi became the primary Indian girl to win this title.

Aditi is also an actor. She has worked in films such as Bheja Fry, De Dana Dan, and Smile Please. Aditi joined the jury for the 2022 contest.

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