Minister Sriramulu Said Will Root Out The Drug Mafia

Minister Sriramulu Said Will Root Out The Drug Mafia. Home Minister and Chief Minister are working to root out the drug network. Chitradurga, Health Minister B. Sriramulu said in a statement that the root of the drug mafia van will be torn apart in the state.

Speaking to media in Chitradurga on his way to Rajanahalli, Sriramulu said, “former Chief Minister Kumaraswamy should remember that Drugs yesterday was not a foregone conclusion.” He should be punished and impartially imparted. ”Home minister and chief minister are still working to root out the drug network, saying any sons of politicians in the case should be investigated.

Minister Naramohan Das has said that the 7.5 percent reservation that is still in demand by the leader community has been reached by the government. News of the Drugs Network is making a big noise in the state. Also, the people behind this network are said to be foreigners. Police have already arrested Sandalwood actress Ragini Dwivedi, along with the city’s leading drug peddlers.

In the wake of last night’s police attack on the African Kitchen Party of African-based citizens, which was held last night near Oramawa, it has come to light lately. The footage captured by foreign nationals during the police raid was captured on camera. An African man has also been arrested, police said

Hennur police have raided the party last night as they have not received any permission to hold the African Kitchen Party. Police have also arrested a man named Johnson in connection with the incident. But do the city’s drug network and these African nationals have it? That will come to light only after the trial.

Some ministers have come forward to protect detainees in drug cases; Siddaramaiah accused. There are also allegations that a police officer/staff member is involved in drug dealing. What is being done on them? How many of them are arrested? How many people have been convicted? Siddaramaiah challenged the government.

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