Military Talks Between India And China To Be Held On April 9

Military talks between India and China to be held on April 9, discussion on the possible withdrawal of armies.

India and China are expected to hold military talks on April 9 to ease tensions on the border in eastern Ladakh.

In this dialogue, it is possible to discuss the withdrawal of forces from the collision locations in Gogra, Hot Springs, and Depsang Maidan. This information was given by the sources of the Indian Army.

Sources said that after successfully defeating the forces in the Pangong Lake area, there is a discussion between India and China to withdraw troops from the Gogra Hills and the plains of Depsang.

There has been a military standoff between the two countries for almost a year. The two forces have retreated from the most controversial Pangong Lake region last month after extensive talks at both military and political levels.

Ten rounds of Corps Commander level talks were held between the two sides to rear the armies.

Today is the last day of the practice of Quad countries in the Indian Ocean, China is getting chilly by this.

Wednesday is the last day of La Perouse, a military exercise that has been going on in the Indian Ocean for the past two days between quad-member countries.

Due to this, the neighboring country of China is now getting restless. The comments made by China about this military exercise cannot be said to be correct in any way.

Indeed, military exercises or cooperation between different countries should be compatible with regional peace and stability.

Not only has China stopped, but the Foreign Ministry Spokesman has also warned Japan about the next week’s US-Japan summit.

Indeed, China does not want the relationship between the two countries to be strong or to be tried for it.

Let me tell you that apart from the US, India, Australia, and Japan, France is also participating in the naval military exercise of the quad member countries operating in the Indian Ocean.

This exercise started on Monday. France’s involvement in this exercise is also special in this regard, as India finalized the purchase of Rafale fighter jets from there.

The strength of the Air Force has increased considerably with this aircraft joining the Indian Air Force. A few days ago, France handed over two more Rafale aircraft to India.

France’s involvement in this practice also shows the strengthening of alliances between the two countries.

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