Mayawati, Rahul Gandhi Hit Out At BJP-drove MP Govt

Mayawati, Rahul Gandhi hit out at BJP-drove MP Govt after Dalit couple gets pummeled by Cops in Guna. Days after a Dalit family was pummeled by cops in Madhya Pradesh’s Guna region, Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP)chief and previous chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati hit out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in the state over the issue and requested exacting activity against those capable.

A farm has a place with the Dalit family was likewise crushed by the area organization with the assistance of a JCB machine.

Denouncing the episode, the BSP chief Mayawati on Thursday took to Twitter and stated, “To constrain a couple to endeavor suicide by pulverizing the yields from the JCB machine for the sake of infringement by the Guna Police and Organization of Madhya Pradesh is profoundly condemnable. The across the country judgment of this occurrence is characteristic. The administration should make an exacting move.”

“On one hand, BJP and their government are going GaGa over the recovery of Dalits, while then again, the occurrences of their devastation are as regular as they used to be under the standard of the Congress party, so what is the distinction between the two governments? Particularly Dalits should likewise consider this,” she included.

The Congress additionally pummeled the utilization of power on the couple and requested activity against those answerable for the episode.

Sharing a video of the occurrence, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated, “Our battle is against this manner of thinking and unfairness.”

The occurrence occurred on Tuesday when the couple was expelled from a plot of government land allocated for a school in Guna city. At the point when authorities requested that they clear the field, they expended pesticide in fight, a senior authority said on Wednesday.

In any case, their condition was presently steady, he stated, including that the police were constrained to utilize power against them as they opposed the expulsion. A video that became famous online via web-based networking media demonstrated the police beating the man with mallet harshly while his better half and others were attempting to spare him.

Taking perception of the issue, Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan requested the prompt evacuation of Gatherer and SP of Guna and coordinated an elevated level investigation into the occurrence.

“The (farm) land was held for an administration model school. Rajkumar Ahirwar (38) and his better half Savitri (35) were taking a shot at the land. Gabbu Pardi, who had infringed on the land, had given them work,” said region gatherer S Vishwanathan.

At the point when authorities requested that they abandon the field, they dissented and drank pesticide at the command of the individuals who had infringed on the land, he guaranteed.

The two additionally would not go to the medical clinic so the police needed to utilize power to take them to the emergency clinic, included the authority.

Previous MP CM Kamal Nath likewise hit out at the state government over the episode. “A Dalit couple was pitilessly thrashed by the cops. What sort of wilderness raj is this?” he tweeted.

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