Manmohan Had Proposed Rahul Gandhi For PM: Gohil

Manmohan had proposed to Rahul Gandhi instead of making him PM, Congress spokesperson claims. Congress spokesperson Shakti Singh Gohil said the Gandhi family had never craved the post. Gohil claimed that Narasimha Rao had asked Sonia Gandhi to become PM in 1991 but she refused. In UPA-1, Sonia Gandhi proposed to make Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister, not herself.

With this, the Congress spokesperson said that former party chief Rahul Gandhi had a chance to become Prime Minister in UPA-2. He said that the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had offered Rahul Gandhi to become Prime Minister due to ill health. Gohil further said that the former Congress president refused to accept Manmohan Singh’s offer and requested that he complete his term.

Gandhi family showed sacrifice

According to the leading news agency, Gohil insisted that the Nehru-Gandhi family has always given up and kept the party and country interest above personal interests. He made big sacrifices on many occasions and never craved power. He put forward the old examples and said that the Gandhi family never craved for the post.

He said that today the youth of the country and Congress workers want Rahul Gandhi to lead the party. But the Congress Working Committee and the All India Congress Committee have the right to decide in this regard. His statement came at a time when Priyanka Gandhi’s remarks about the leadership of Congress have sparked a debate, in which she said that a person outside the Gandhi family should lead the party.

What has Priyanka Gandhi said

In a recent book ‘India Tomorrow’, it has been claimed that Priyanka Gandhi has supported Rahul Gandhi’s point in which he said that a person outside the Gandhi family should be appointed Congress President. According to this book, Priyanka Gandhi has also said that no party president, even if not from the Gandhi family, will be his ‘boss’. He has said that there are many qualified people who can lead the party.

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