Khashoggi Murder Case: Turkey Dissatisfied With The Outcome

Khashoggi Murder Case: Turkey dissatisfied with the announcement of punishment. President Spokesperson Fahrtin Altun said Turkey is dissatisfied with the sentence given in the case of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. A Saudi Public Prosecution Office spokesman said on Monday that a Saudi court had announced the conviction of eight suspects in Khashoggi’s murder.

Five of them were sentenced to 20 years in prison, one was sentenced to 10 years in prison and each was sentenced to two to seven years. He said the final verdict that was delivered by the Saudi court at the Kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul in the death of Jamal Khashoggi did not meet the expectations of Turkey and the international community.

He further said that we still do not know what happened to Khashogi, who wanted to kill him. There are many questions, which cast doubt on the credibility of the legal proceedings. Altun said that Turkey was urging Saudi authorities to cooperate in the ongoing murder investigation in Turkey. He said that it is a legal and duty-bound obligation to shed light on the Jamal Khashoggi murder, which took place within Turkey’s borders and is committed to delivering justice. This is the only way to ensure that similar atrocities can be prevented in the future.

Khashogi, a Washington Post columnist, went missing in October 2018 after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Saudi journalist Khashogi is believed to have been killed on October 2, 2018, when he visited the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. He was regarded as a critic of Saudi Arabia’s authority, especially the crown prince Muhammad bin Salman. In September 2019, Yuvraj admitted that Khashogi was killed in his knowledge. In this case, a Saudi Arab court on Monday sentenced eight people to seven to 20 years of imprisonment.

It has been reported that in December 2019, the court had given death sentence to five of the eight people found guilty of murder, but after the family’s pardon, the sentence for these convicts has been announced for 20-20 years. One convict has been sentenced to ten years and two to seven years imprisonment. The names of those found guilty have not been made public.

The investigation into the murder revealed that Khashoggi was tragically killed by a special squad of the Intelligence Department of Saudi Arabia and destroyed his body inside the consulate. This barbaric murder of the journalist was strongly condemned all over the world. US President Donald Trump asked for a fair investigation into the case. After this, the involvement of Saudi Arabia’s Government Intelligence Department in the murder came out, and now the punishment for them has been announced.

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