Iran’s Pact With IAEA Ends, Now Inspection Will Not Be Allowed

Iran’s pact with IAEA ends, inspectors no longer allowed to take pictures of nuclear installations: Iran.

Iran’s Speaker of the Parliament, Muhammad Bakr Qaleb, said on Sunday that the three-month monitoring agreement between Tehran and the United Nations Nuclear Monitoring Organization has come to an end on Saturday.

Therefore, Tehran will no longer allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to take pictures of its nuclear facilities.

Iran’s pact with IAEA ends: Efforts to revive the 1915 nuclear deal between Iran and six countries could have an impact.

On the other hand, IAEA chiefs are in talks with Iran to extend the surveillance deadline.

State TV quoted Muhammad Bakr Qalibuff as saying that the agency would not be allowed to take photographs inside the nuclear complexes after a three-month agreement expired on May 22.

Iran was slowly breaking the terms of the agreement since the then President Donald Trump of the US came out of the agreement and imposed sanctions on Iran in 2018.

The purpose of this agreement is to prevent Iran from making nuclear weapons.

Iran on the other hand says that it never wanted to make nuclear weapons. In February, the IAEA and Iran agreed to monitor and verify nuclear targets.

In 2017, the IAEA stated that it had analyzed thousands of photographs captured through its advanced surveillance cameras. In addition, it has also sealed nuclear materials and equipment.

Violence continues in Afghanistan amidst the withdrawal of US troops, more than 8000 families displaced.

More than eight thousand families from five provinces have been displaced amid ongoing tensions between Afghan security forces and the Taliban.

Tolonews reported that many families are facing a shortage of shelter, health services, education, and other facilities for normal living. Violence has escalated since the withdrawal of the US military from this war-affected country.

Afghanistan has seen a spurt in violent incidents in recent weeks, which has resulted in the loss of Afghan security forces and civilians.

According to a report, heavy clashes have been going on in five provinces including Baglan, Helmand, Kunduz, Kandahar, and Lagman for the past few weeks.

Meanwhile, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan continues and will be completed by September 11.

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