India’s GDP: The Country’s Growth Rate Was 7.2 Percent In 2022-23

India’s GDP: The country’s growth rate was 7.2 percent in 2022-23, estimated to grow by 6.1 percent in the March quarter.

GDP Data 2022-23: The government has released the GDP figures for the January-March 2023 quarter. India’s GDP is set to grow at a pace of 6.1 percent as per the latest data.

GDP is projected to grow by 7.2 percent in 2022-23 as against a 9.1 percent expansion in the previous fiscal.

Whenever there is a discussion about the economy of the country, then always one word GDP (GDP) comes to be heard. It is used to measure the economy of any country.

What was expected about GDP?

The Reserve Bank of India had expressed the expectation of GDP growth at the rate of 5.1 percent.

With this, the country’s largest government bank State Bank of India (SBI) in its report had estimated the country’s GDP to be 5.5 percent.

India’s economy is included among the world’s most powerful economies. India’s economy is considered to be the fifth largest economy in the world after the US, China, Japan, and Germany.

Why are GDP figures important?

For any country, its GDP figures are very important. It shows the economy of that country. That is, how is the country’s economy performing and how are the economic activities?

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