Indian Army Will Keep Close Watch On Chinese Activities

Indian army will keep a close watch on Chinese activities, the army strengthened the Mountain Strike Corps, took this step.

The Indian Army has further strengthened the deployment of its troops on the northern borders. According to the leading news agency, the Indian Army has added about 10,000 more soldiers to its sole mountain strike corps.

These brave soldiers of the Indian Army will keep an eye on China’s aggressive operations along the border.

The strengthening of the Mountain Strike Corps is part of a move by the military to focus even more on the Chinese border with Pakistan’s western border.

Quoting official sources, the news agency said in its report that an existing division with about 10 thousand soldiers stationed in the eastern sector has now been assigned to 17 Mountain Strike Corps located in East Bengal.

Sources say that the Central Strike Corps was approved by the central government almost a decade ago but only one division was attached to it.

Now with the new move of the army, it will be able to carry out its work with utmost precision and efficiency.

In recent times, the army has carried out its tasks, facing many challenges. The army has been given dual functions in many forms.

Last year, the military has been stationed at the border for a long time due to China’s aggressive activities in eastern Ladakh and other regions.

Even though the Indian Army and other security forces have started returning from the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh and other mountainous regions.

Nevertheless, a large number of soldiers from both India and China have been stationed at the border since last year.

Meanwhile, India and China held talks on Friday to push forward the withdrawal of troops from the remaining parts of the deadlock, such as Hot Spring, Gogra, and Depsang in eastern Ladakh.

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