Harish Rawat Raised Questions About Unity In Uttarakhand PCC

Harish Rawat raised questions about collectivity in Uttarakhand PCC. Former CM Harish Rawat raised questions about collectivity in Uttarakhand Congress.

The controversy over declaring the face of the Chief Minister in the Uttarakhand Congress is deepening. Former Chief Minister of the state and senior Congress leader Harish Rawat has increased the infighting of the party by posting another reference to this reference.

After this post of Harish Rawat, there is now a possibility of deepening the internal discord within the party regarding leadership. Harda has clearly raised the question of how the collective is suddenly missing.

When the collectivity was not followed for a change in organizational structure, my face and name were removed from the official posters of the party, even when there was skepticism about placing me on the forums at party functions, the collectivity was not remembered.

Then why is this situation now? After this post of Harish Rawat, now infighting of the party is sure to increase. After this post of Harish Rawat, there has been a flood of people posting comments.

Below is his post today, literally. Read… How hesitant to be the Chief Minister’s face? If I have this hesitation in my honor, I have pleaded on my own behalf that I will stand behind whoever is declared the face of the Chief Minister.

It is also necessary from the perspective of the strategy that we should make a local break of the formula being adopted by the BJP for victory in the states.

The local break may be that the face of the BJP versus the face of the Congress is put in front of the people in elections so that people can decide on the basis of local questions. I believe that by doing this we will be able to do well in elections, then why the sudden memory of collectivity.

The person who has such a large organizational structure, in any decision, of the party, even to recommend some people in that structure, I have to knock on the door of AICC, collectivity has not been followed at that time and I have never raised my voice on that.

My name and face could not find a place in the official posters of the party, I have never raised any question on that! Even I sometimes have doubts about getting a place on the forums, so I go with me to take my turn so that there is no confusion in front of the party, even today, I have only removed the confusion.

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