Discover The Hidden Gem Of Ladakh: Explore Sanku Valley For A Refreshing Summer Getaway

Discover the Hidden Gem of Ladakh: Explore Sanku Valley for a Refreshing Summer Getaway.

Discover the Hidden Gem Of Ladakh: Plan your summer travel to Sanku Valley, Ladakh, and experience breathtaking views, golden mountains, and pristine rivers.

Visit this lesser-known paradise and refresh your mind with its natural beauty. The best time to visit: is June. Come to Sanku and see a different view of Ladakh, this place will refresh your mind.

The name of Ladakh is included in the list of wanderers. This is also such a place. The views here keep changing at every distance.

The tall golden mountains running along the road, and the river with water bluer than the sky… mean that they present such a sight that you will feel like you are in heaven.

The place is most crowded in June. If you are also thinking of going to Ladakh this month, then include Sanku Valley in your list along with seeing the famous tourist attractions here and clicking photos.

Surely your visit here will remain alive in your mind for years.

Discover the Hidden Gem Of Ladakh: Sanku Valley.

Sanku Valley is situated in the Kargil district of Ladakh. Sanku is situated at an altitude of approximately 9524 feet above sea level, whose shape is like a bowl.

Suru and Nakpochu rivers add to the beauty of this valley. You can also see many types of beautiful flowers in this valley covered with greenery. It can be called the Valley of Flowers of Ladakh.


Best time to go.

June is the best month to explore Sanku. When the weather here is perfect for visiting.

However, you can also plan after the monsoon i.e. from September to October. Avoid coming here in winter, because it is very cold.

How to reach?

The best option to reach Sanku Valley is by road. Buses are available from Leh, and Kargil to Sanku.

If you are traveling by train, then first you will have to reach Srinagar and from there you will get a bus to Kargil or Leh for Sanku. Well, there is also the option of taxi.

Even if you are coming here by flight, you will have to come to Srinagar only, then from there you can take a cab to reach Sanku.

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