BTP Will Be Trouble Maker For Gehlot Government

BTP will be trouble maker for Gehlot government, the party president said – we will play the role of kingmaker. After a lot of struggle, the Governor of Rajasthan, Kalraj Mishra, gave permission to call the assembly session from 14 August.

There was a confrontation between the Governor and the Ashok Gehlot government for about two weeks. Finally, on Wednesday, the Governor has given permission to convene the session after accepting the recommendation of Raj Gehlot Cabinet.

The Legislative Assembly session is being called for consideration of the Corona epidemic. But the real motive of the Gehlot government is to prove the majority.

The government will table half a dozen bills in the House during the session, for which a whip will be issued. The government believes that the 19 MLAs, including their supporters, including Sachin Pilot, will have to come to the House and vote in favor of the government to retain their membership, if the Gehlot government will vote against the speaker, they will act to disqualify them.

The rebellion of 19 MLAs of the ruling party Congress and the support of Sachin Pilot of 3 independents will prove to be a boon for the Tribal Party of India (BTP) for the Gehlot government standing on the edge of majority.

Earlier, the national leadership of the BTP had instructed two BTP MLAs, Ramprasad Dindor and Rajkumar Roat, to remain neutral. But after the efforts of CM Gehlot and Congress National Treasurer Ahmed Patel, the BTP took a U-turn. Now the BTP has openly supported Ashok Gehlot’s government.

Earlier judgment changed

During the 2018 assembly elections in the state, the BTP had emerged as a major challenge for the BJP and Congress in the tribal areas of the state, claiming that its role in deciding the political crisis of the state would be decisive.

Maheshbhai C. Vasava of the Gujarat based party said, “In the current political situation we are in a position to become king makers.” After CM Gehlot’s assurance to accept demands related to development and tribal interests in tribal areas, we have decided to support the government led by Ashok Gehlot.

He said that we stood against Congress and BJP on tribal matters, but the government has now assured to support us on our issues. For this reason we are giving full support to the government. Ultimately, the government is fulfilling the agenda of tribal welfare and development. If there is a vote to prove the majority, then both party MLAs will vote in favor of the Gehlot government.

MLA Rajkumar Rota says that we handed over the demand letter of 17 demands to CM Gehlot, if he assured to accept it, we changed the decision, now we are with him.

BTP is the party of Gujarat

The party, which entered Rajasthan from Gujarat in 2017 before the 2018 Rajasthan Assembly elections, fielded 11 candidates in the tribal areas in the south of Rajasthan and two MLAs won.

Most of the party candidates were young and Roat was only 26 years old when he won the election. The influence of BTP is continuously increasing in Dungarpur, Banswara, Pratapgarh, and Udaipur districts adjoining Gujarat.

This is party position in the 200 member assembly

Out of 100 MLAs of Congress along with CM Ashok Gehlot, 87,10 Independents of Congress, 2 BTP, 1-1 of RLD and CPI (M). Thus the total number increased to 102.

Congress rebel 19 and 3 independents along with Sachin Pilot.

  • BJP 72 and 3 MLAs of National Democratic Party. In this way the total number increased to 75.
  • A CPI-M legislator is currently neutral.

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