Ayesha, ISIS Terrorist’s Wife Makes Big Disclosure

Ayesha, ISIS Terrorist’s wife makes big disclosure, used to watch videos of the terrorist organizations at home. The statement of his wife Ayesha has surfaced after the arrest of suspected ISIS terrorist. From the information Ayesha gave about Yusuf, it seems that he was walking on the path of terror for a long time. Wife Aisha said that whenever there was an attempt to stop or explain, Yusuf used to beat her. Ayesha said that Yusuf used to gather suspicious things at home for a long time and used to watch videos of terrorist organizations on mobile.

Ayesha breaks his silence, stating that he previously worked in the Gulf country. After returning in 2006-07, he went on to work in Mumbai and Hyderabad. We were married in 2010. He used to go home. She later got a job in Uttarakhand but returned home in 2013 due to a back injury. 6 months later he resumed work. In 2015, she quit her job and returned home. Since then, Joseph’s behavior has changed significantly.

Used to watch videos on mobile overnight

The wife said that he would lock himself in the room and sit all night watching videos on mobile. No one was allowed to enter the room. In 2018, she quit her job and decided to open a shop with a relative. He brought many suspicious things home, including explosives. No one in the house was aware of this. Whenever I tried to ask or explain anything, I was beaten and abused. ‘

I do not know if he chose the way of thinking: Kafeel

Yusuf’s father Kafeel said that I have enough property. 22 bigha fields and 10 bigha mango orchards. I do not know whether he chose the way of thinking. I never instilled this kind of thinking in my children. I regret that he was involved in such activities. I wish she could be forgiven for once but she did the wrong thing. If I had known about his activities, I would have asked him to leave us forever.

Ayesha and Yusuf’s four children

Ayesha and Yusuf have four children, including Sarah (8), Ibrahim (7), Safiya (6), Yusuf (3). Wife Aisha said, ‘I have four children, where will I go? I wish he could be forgiven. I want all children to read and do better in life. Yusuf’s brothers Hashib and Hafiz work as a driver in Gulf. The youngest Akeel works in Bangalore and comes home in lockdown.

Long time spent in Gulf countries

According to father Kafeel, Mustakim went to Dubai in 2005 on a six-month tourist visa. Returning from there went to Hyderabad. From 2006 to 2011, he worked on a tourist visa in Saudi Arabia. He was sent to India after the end of the period. She was married in 2011 to the nearby village of Taibpur. In 2016 he went to Qatar. Stayed there for 15 days and came back. Stayed in Delhi and worked for two months. After this, Plaster of Paris started working in Uttarakhand. Returned to the village after being injured during work. Two years ago, he opened a cosmetic shop at Hasimpara Bazaar, two kilometers from the village, from where he started preparing and planning the panic.

Wires can be connected to Nepal

After Delhi Police and UP ATS, now the local police have started investigating the terrorists. It is said that the terrorist used to go to his village in Dhebaruwa, a village adjacent to Nepal. Intelligence agencies are also investigating whether its wires are connected to Nepal or not. At the same time, police in all the districts of Devipatan division have started searching for people associated with terrorists. SP Devaranjan Verma says that the police is cautious given the sensitivity of the case.

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