Athletes In Favor Of Black Jacob Blake, Want An Investigation

Athletes in favor of Black Jacob Blake, demanding investigation against Wisconsin police officers. More than 40 professional athletes/sportspersons in the US have joined the Black Jabal Blake in the midst of the racial movement. They have demanded a fair investigation against the police officers who shot Jacob seven.

These athletes/sportspersons include former boxers Laila Ali, New Orleans linebacker DeMario Davis, football stars Megan Rapinoe, WNBA’s Diana Taurasi and Elena Del Donne, and former NFL players Doud Baldwin and Michael Bennett. These players have called for an end to police violence in the country. Players said that black and white violence should stop in the country.

People angry against police even after 8th day

Significantly, even after the 8th day of the shooting of the black civilian Jabak in the US Wisconsin, the anger of the people against the police has not decreased. The protesters are constantly taking to the streets demanding strict action against the accused policemen. Protesters are raging against this incident not only in Wisconsin but also in other states. On Saturday also, a crowd of about a thousand protesters gathered outside the court in Kenosha, shouting slogans of one man, one shot, seven shots, seven days and justice without peace.

Protest outside the court

In the US, once again, the black matter is gaining momentum amid the presidential campaign. Hundreds of people demonstrated outside a court in Wisconsin, US, on Saturday with the slogan ‘one person one vote,’ no justice without peace. The protesters were marching towards the court complex in Kenosha, chanting the slogan ‘seven bullets, seven days‘.

Blake’s father Blake Sr., one of the protesters, has questioned the arrangement. He said that it promotes police brutality and racial discrimination. In this sequence, he called for a change in the system. He told reporters on Saturday that his son was being given pain relief medicines. He is conscious. He is in a lot of pain.

Jacob’s policeman shot seven bullets

Let me tell you that on Sunday, Jacob was hit by seven police bullets from the back when he was going to sit in his car. After the video of this incident went viral, the situation went uncontrolled in many places. The protesters also damaged several buildings including police vehicles at many places. After this, the governor in Wisconsin had to be deployed to the Emergency. Jacob’s family’s lawyer says that now he will never be able to walk on his feet. His body has become paralyzed due to bullets.

Who is Jacob Blake

Jacob Blake was born in Evanston, a city outside Chicago. After this, the whole family came to Kenosha. Jacob’s entire family is involved in social work. His grandfather used to be a pastor in the church. He was also a part of the Civil Rights Movement. During this time he has been continuously opposing the racist movement. Jacob himself is associated with many types of social service.

He works for the Black Urban Charity. The charity collects and recycling aluminum bottles and performs community service. Prior to this incident, the court came to know that a warrant was issued against Jacob for sexual violence, forcible entry into the house. However, it is not clear whether the police were aware of the incident at the time. According to the police, he reached there with a domestic violence case.

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