Antarctica Coronavirus Update: Precaution Is Necessary

Antarctica Coronavirus Update: How long will Antarctica be protected from the coronavirus. Coronavirus is vulnerable to almost every corner of the world, but Antarctica is a continent where this deadly virus has not reached. Here you can roam without a mask and keep news of this epidemic from thousands of miles away.

According to the AP agency, about one thousand scientists and others live in this snowy place. Those who have seen the sun now after many months. These people have started a global effort, to ensure that their colleagues here do not bring this deadly virus with them.

Safe little bubble: Our little bubble is safe, according to Rob Tyler, the regional guide at Britain’s Rothero Research Station in the continent of Antarctica. Long isolation, self-sufficiency and psychological pressure were common for the parties that came here even in the days before Corona, now the rest of the world sees it as a surprise.

Tyler was here in October, unaware of the epidemic. He said, “In general we have been given more leeway than the freedom granted to the people of Britain in lockdown.” We can ski, mingle with each other, run, and do everything

Pandemic may bring destruction: Diplomatic relations between countries with Kovid-19 may be deteriorating, but here the Council of Managers of the National Antarctic Program (COMNAP) of 30 countries is united to keep the virus out. There is solidarity between America, Russia and other countries. Fearful of this epidemic, the world locked itself in March.

The Antarctic Program agrees that the pandemic may bring devastation. According to the AP agency, the continent, which is the size of the US and Mexico, with the world’s strongest winds and lowest temperatures, is already hostile to life.

According to a document by COMNAP, limited infectious coronavirus in the difficult environment of Antarctica due to limited medical care and public health responses can produce catastrophic results with mortality and disease.

No scope for mistake: Like all parties in remote areas and in such an environment, Tyler and his 26 co-workers must be proficient in every tactic in Antarctica, including the South Pole. There should be no scope for the mistake.

He said that they cook in shifts and find out about the weather. A good Internet connection means that they can see that the epidemic is taking hold of the rest of the world. He said that until now the assistants had to take care of how to tell them about the preparation.

Precaution is necessary to prevent infection: Antarctica can be reached only by plane or ship. COMNAP stated that immediate efforts should be made to prevent the virus from reaching the continent. Also cautioned that there should be no contact with tourists.

No cruise ship should be allowed. Mutual visits between stations and facilities between different parties in the Antarctic located close to each other should be stopped. The personnel present here has been trained for a long time on manners associated with hand washing and sneezing.

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