America Avenged The Death Of 13 Of Its Soldiers In 48 Hours

America avenged the death of 13 of its soldiers in 48 hours, bombs ISIS targets with drones.

The United States has avenged the attack on Kabul airport within 48 hours. In Afghanistan, the US military has taken major action against the perpetrators of the attack.

The army has conducted a drone strike on ISIS-K targets in Afghanistan. A suicide bombing at Kabul airport killed 169 Afghan and 13 American soldiers.

Along with this, America has asked people to leave the gate of Kabul airport as soon as possible.

US Central Command spokesman Captain Bill Urban said US military forces conducted a counter-terrorism operation against ISIS-K planners.

The unmanned airstrikes were carried out in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. According to the initial indications of the attack, the target has been shot down.

He said no civilian casualties were reported in the attack.

On the other hand, Joe Biden’s advisers have said that there could be more attacks in Afghanistan.

After the IS attack in Kabul, President Biden held meetings with national security advisers, military officials, and diplomats.

In the same meeting, advisers told him that there could be more terrorist attacks in Kabul and the remaining days of his evacuation operation were extremely risky.

America avenged the death of 13 of its soldiers: The US has so far evacuated more than one lakh people from Afghanistan, including its own citizens as well as allies and Afghans.

US President Joe Biden has blamed Islamic State for Thursday’s suicide bombing, saying that we will not spare those who carried out the attack and intended to harm America.

We will not forget this. We will catch you and punish it. Biden ordered commanders to prepare a plan to attack ISIS-K positions, leadership, and facilities.

Islamic State-Khorasan claimed responsibility for the attacks outside Kabul airport. ISK claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it targeted US troops and its Afghan allies.

Along with the statement, the picture of the attacker was also shared. The terrorist organization said that it was the same attacker who carried out the attack.

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