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Akshay Kumar Is Bringing His Game Fau-G

Akshay Kumar is bringing his game Fau-G, after the PUB-G ban, know- what will be special. Akshay Kumar is going to launch his game after being banned from Pub-G. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is bringing his own multiplayer game under the aatmnirbar Bharat initiative. The actor is going to launch his game after the government banned Pub-G.

The name of this game of Akshay Kumar is ‘Fau-Ji’. It is being told that this game could be a Battlefield game in Pub-G style. Akshay Kumar has created this game under the self-reliance initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he has supported the self-reliance mission.

Akshay Kumar released the poster of this game on Friday and also shared many information about this game. He has released a poster of the game, showing three Army fighters. Releasing the poster of this game, Akshay Kumar has written- ‘I am proud to present this action game, supporting the self-reliant mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Fearless and United Guards Fou-ji. ‘

Akshay Kumar further said in the tweet that along with entertainment, people will learn about the sacrifices made by our soldiers. The special thing is that a part of the proceeds from this game will be donated. Akshay Kumar said that 20 percent of the earnings from this will be given to Veer Trust of India. Since the announcement of Akshay Kumar, his fans have been praising him a lot.

It is believed that this game is coming to compete PbG. The game has not been launched yet and the actor has informed on his Instagram post that it is going to be launched soon. Now it has to be seen how much users like the game of Akshay Kumar and how its features attract users. Earlier, Akshay Kumar also launched a platform, which can help martyr families.

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