Afghanistan Releases 400 Taliban Prisoners For Peace Talks

Afghanistan releases 400 Taliban prisoners, no interruption in peace talks now. The issue of the release of 400 Taliban militants, which have been a hindrance in peace talks for a long time, is no longer the fact that Afghanistan has released them on Friday.

Afghans released 400 Taliban militants on Friday as part of an agreement between Afghanistan and the Taliban on the release of prisoners. This information has been given by the authorities.

80 prisoners were released on Thursday. Javid Faisal, the spokesperson of the National Security Council, gave information about the release by netting, saying, “Dialogue efforts will accelerate and ceasefire across the country.”

The Afghan government began to release the remaining 400 Taliban prisoners lodged in various jails of the country. Earlier on Thursday, a total of 80 prisoners were released. The National Security Council’s office made the announcement on its Twitter page on Friday.

He wrote, ‘The government of Afghanistan yesterday released 80 out of 400 Taliban prisoners. Advisor Loya Jirga approved the release of prisoners to speed up direct dialogue and efforts for a permanent and nationwide ceasefire. ‘

Afghan Council ‘Loya Jirga’ agreed

The Afghan Council ‘Loya Jirga’ has agreed to release 400 dreaded militants of the Taliban to start peace talks in Afghanistan soon. The Taliban had conditioned the release of these prisoners. Negotiations between the Taliban and the government are expected to begin in Qatar next week.

Promise of release of Taliban prisoners fulfilled

President Ashraf Ghani called 3,200 community leaders and politicians to Kabul for suggestions on the release of Taliban prisoners. The proposal for release was passed at a meeting between Corona infection concerns and tight security arrangements.

Initially, the authorities refused to free the terrorists. They said that these terrorists are guilty of serious crime and have killed Afghans and foreigners in brutal attacks.

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