20 Lakh Crore Manufacturing Target In 24 Sectors

20 lakh crore manufacturing target in 24 sectors, states suggest a reduction in electricity and land rates. A target of manufacturing 20 lakh crore has been set in 24 sectors in the next five years. To achieve this goal, the Center has asked the states to reduce the rates of electricity and land required for manufacturing.

In a meeting with the industry ministers of the states, Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal also asked all the states to finalize their Agri Export Action Plan, to be the nodal officer and monitoring committee for the promotion of manufacturing in the state. Goyal said that the Center has identified 24 sectors and states will soon be given detailed information about those sectors.

He said that due to the multiplicity of sugar mills, Ethanol in Maharashtra, Ceramic in Gujarat, Medical equipment in Telangana, Sports goods and gym equipment in Uttar Pradesh, Agro Chemicals, Fisheries in the states near the sea, focus on manufacturing of agricultural produce in Rajasthan Can be chosen as a product. All states will also have to identify their own product.

Decrease in electricity rate

Goyal said that states should justify the electricity rates for manufacturing and they have to give confidence to the manufacturers that they will get electricity at the same rate or increase by a maximum of 5 percent for the next 20 years. He said that Punjab has taken steps in this direction and Madhya Pradesh can also take such a decision. Other states will also have to adopt this type of policy.

Only 14 states have prepared Agro Export Action Plan

Goyal told the states that so far only 14 states have prepared the Agri Export Action Plan. Several major states like West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Haryana, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh have not prepared Agri Export Action Plan.

Kolhapuri chappals of India in all five star hotels of the world

Goyal said the export market of Kolhapuri chappals could be Rs 7500 crore. He said that by contacting five-star hotels of all countries of the world, two-three pairs of Kolhapuri chappals can be kept in their room cupboards. Their customers will be allowed to wear this sandal and they will be told that if they like sandals, they can buy it from the hotel. In this way, Kolhapuri chappals of India can be branded worldwide. This type of idea is being worked on for the global branding of many other products.

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