Aashram Review: Entry Found In Bobby Deol’s ‘Ashram’

Aashram Review: Entry found in Bobby Deol’s ‘Aashram’, but the story is still my friend. Bobby Deol has also entered the world of web series. He appeared in the character of Baba Nirala Kashipur Wale in MX Player’s web series ‘Aashram’, directed by Prakash Jha. The series, which has been attracting people before its release, has eight episodes. However, the story could not be completed despite this. In the first part, only the role is left. Let us know whether this role entices you to read the whole book or not.


The story is of Baba Nirala Kashipur. Baba has a big Aashram. In this ashram, charity work is done. Baba helps socially backward people. He has many properties like school, college, hospital, and old age ashram. People get easily caught up in this illusion of Baba. People are allowed to stay in the ashram. Work and salary are also given here. Baba has his own political grip. Both the ruling party and the opposition party cajole to their advantage.

The management of Baba’s ashram is seen by Bhupendra Singh i.e. Bhopa. Baba is the only other aspect. Bhopa manages everything. How to deal with Meanwhile a skeleton is found during work in a hydrophile project. Inspect Ujjwal Singh duty is placed to examine this skeleton. After this, the expose slowly reaches the links that connect the deaths directly to Baba. To know if Baba comes under the control of the police, you will have to watch the web series.

What felt special

The most important thing about the web series is Prakash Jha’s political and caste understanding. He has already given examples of this in films like Reservation and Kidnapping. He has been told how Baba easily entraps socially backward and oppressed people in his web. Apart from this, how is the tee of reservation seen in people.

Ujjal Singh has a dialogue – he became my senior after getting number 272. At the same time, there has also been a film on how people of particular caste do not allow mares of other castes to climb. And Baba and politicians take advantage of this difference. After Anubhav Sinha’s ‘Article 15’ there is a craft in which the issue has been spoken openly.

The web series story will also make you familiar. Its story has been kept largely realistic. Exploitation of sevadars, practice of intoxication in the ashram, Baba’s atrocities on women, land grabbing of people and more. This is something you have recently heard on TV and read in newspapers. However, the suspense has been kept alive.

Talking about Bobby Deol, he has not performed very well. However, he makes Dhibi Baba feel full. Darshan Kumar, who plays Ujjal Singh, gets a fresh fill. At the same time, Vikram Kochhar (Sadhu), who won the hearts of people with his acting in a web series like Raktanchal, is seen making a case once. Chandan Roy, who has appeared in films like Rang De Bansati, has also played Bhopa’s character well. Talking about the actress, Aditi attracts Sudhir and Tridha Chaudhary.

Where is the deficiency

Don’t think that after reading everything, everything is healed an ‘Ashram’. An attempt has been made to pull the story. At the same time, the second thing is that this story has been told so many times before on TV that you skip somewhere and move forward. Will Baba be caught, this is where the Factor saves the web series.

The web series has many characters. All characters have their scope. However, the series does not emerge despite so many characters. Saying it never catches pace. Even after a lot of things, they remain average.

In the end

Entry found in Bobby Deol’s ‘Ashram’, but the story is still my friend. Actually, when the first part is over, you will feel that it is just its role. However, the other parts can wait. But this wait is not going to be like Mirzapur 2.

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