Why Mother Parvati Made Lord Vishnu Her Older Brother? Know About An Interesting Story

Why Mother Parvati made Lord Vishnu her older brother?  Know about an interesting story.

Lord Narayan, the most beloved of the trinity, sustains the universe. It is believed that whenever the burden of injustice on earth increases, Narayan comes to earth.

Demons once created such fear that even the world’s guardian, Lord Vishnu himself, could not protect the earth from them.

The meeting between Mother Parvati and Shiva was much needed to slay demons and protect the universe.

The killing of Tadkasur was only possible by the children of Shiva and Shakti, and therefore all the gods.

Devadhideva wanted the wedding of Mahadev and Mother Parvati to take place as soon as possible, but Mahadev decided to stay in samadhi away from the noise of the world in a distant cave.

She decided Thus, for the union of Shiva and Shakti, the gods themselves had to cooperate with fate.

Mother Parvati’s Repentance.

In the order mentioned, Mother Parvati did penance by eating the leaves of the Bilva tree.

There was a stage of repentance where her mother had to worship the Shiva lingam to receive Lord Shiva but her mother could not think of a solution for this.

Arrival of Narada Muni.

Seeing Mata Parvati’s anxiety, Narada Muni approached Mata Parvati and said, The expression of concern is clearly visible on your face.

What is the problem? At Muni’s words, Sister Parvati said: You are omnipotent. I have to worship the linga of Lord Shiva, where can I get the linga for this?”


Parthiv Shivling method.

After listening to Mother Parvati, Devrishi Narad spoke. “Oh Goddess, why are you worried? Prove your adoration by digging in the ground with clay, having said this, he disappeared.

A mother’s failure to make siblings.

Her mother never made shit bling, so she failed, again and again, to make shit bling out of dry dirt.

Seeing her in this state of hers, Narayan took the form of her Brahmin and arrived there to help Parvati.

Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu said to Goddess Parvati “O Goddess! You look worried. Tell me what is the problem.”

Hearing this, the goddess replied, “O brother, I have been trying to build a Shiva Linga for a long time, but I am not able to do this great work.”

Lord Vishnu created Shivling.

Shri Hari becomes emotional after hearing words of brotherhood from Mother Parvati’s mouth and her tears fall on the floor, hence the floor becomes wet.

Now, God, who is Mother Parvati’s brother, has created Parthiv Shivling on this land for her. Then God himself played Parvati’s mother’s brother in the marriage of Shivshakti.

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