Web Series & Films This Weekend: Lahore Confidential And LSD

Web Series & Films This Weekend: These movies and web series can be seen including Lahore Confidential and LSD.

This weekend many interesting web series and films are available to watch on OTT platforms. These include content in Hindi and English. Here is the complete list.

On February 5, the LSD – Love Scandal and Doctors web series on Alt Balaji and Zee 5 has arrived. It is being touted as the first medical thriller in the world of OTT.

Its story will be based on the doctors and the exciting events surrounding them. In LSD, Rahul Dev is playing the role of Dr. Rana, who is a good and sensitive person and he is most concerned about his own heritage.

Siddharth Menon plays Vick. Apart from these, Punit J Pathak, Ayush Srivastava, Ashmita Jaggi, Ishaan Khanna, Srishti Rindani, Tanya Sachdev, and Pulkit Makol will be seen.

The English film Bliss is released on Amazon Prime on 5 February. It is a suspense-science fiction drama film, directed by Mike Cahill. The film stars Salma Heck and Owen Wilson in the lead roles.

This is the love story of Greg and Isabel. Greg has recently been divorced and does not even have a job. At the same time, Isabel is a street girl who believes that the world around her is just computer-generated.

Greg initially does not believe it, but gradually he begins to accept Isabel’s words.

The Korean science fiction film Space Sweepers has been released on Friday (February 5) on Netflix. The story is set in 2092. Four novices chase garbage in space and get some amazing secrets.

On Friday, the first season of the Brazilian TV series Invincible City is coming on Netflix. This suspense thriller is science fiction. A family encounters a mysterious creature, after which they discover the secrets of their past.

On 5 February 8119 Miles is releasing on NET 5, directed by Joe Ishwar. 8119 Miles is the story of Goa’s mechanic Gabrielle DeSilva, whose biggest dream is to go to Britain.

However, only he knows the reason for his uneasiness to go to the UK. When he is not able to get a visa even after attempts, he chooses an old and such route, which the migrants used to go illegally.

The story of the film is about whether Gabrielle reaches her destination as she crosses two continents and different time zones with fellow traveler Anil.

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