Aayushi,Second Wife Of Bhaiyu Maharaj, Gave Statement In Court

Aayushi, the second wife of Bhaiyu Maharaj, gave a statement in the court, saying – the accused were continuously blackmailing.

On Friday, Bhaiyu Maharaj’s second wife Ayushi recorded his statement in the court in the Bhayu Maharaj suicide case. The Aayushi supported the prosecution, saying that the three were continuously blackmailing the accused Maharaj.

It was for these reasons that Maharaj took a suicide-like step. The Ayushi also told that the accused used to give drugs to Maharaj. Not only this, the suicide note was written by Maharaj only.

Will make the situation like Daati Maharaj

The Aayushi said that the accused used to threaten Maharaj that if you did not marry Palak, you would get caught in a rape case and make you behave like Dati Maharaj.

Now a hearing will be held on February 1. The three accused appeared before the court on Friday through video conferencing.

Very upset the day before, chef

The Ayush told the court that Maharaj was very upset the day before the suicide. Sitting silent even after asking again and again. They had left for Pune, but returned from Sendhwa.

Gusum sat on arrival in Indore. After some time Vinayak came and took Maharaj towards the toilet. He slowly talked to Maharaj. After this Maharaj was very upset. Significantly, Bhagyu Maharaj committed suicide on 12 June 2018.

Rupees were kept in three places.

The Aayushi told the court that 13 days after the death of Maharaj, Vinayak admitted that he had the money in his possession. He has kept the money in three bags.

One bag is kept in the village and two bags with two people. Vinayak used to watch the economic work of Maharaj.

Did not even allow family members to meet.

Ayush told that Maharaj had told him that both Palak and the rest of the accused are blackmailing him. Palak has a few things, with Vinayak and Sharad framing him.

By accusing some things, they repeatedly threaten me. The three accused did not even allow the Maharaj to meet anyone.

Whoever had to meet Maharaj, first had to get permission from the accused. The condition was that these people would not allow Maharaj to meet even the family members.

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