US Spy Planes Enter The China Border, Captured Military Drills

US spy planes enter the China border and record military drills, dragon missing. America has made up its mind to teach a lesson to China, showing its arrogance to the world. According to the leading news agency, two advanced U-2 US spy planes entered the border of China and captured military drills in their cameras.

Not only this, but China was also looking at these aircraft armed with deadly weapons in a chanceless incident. The world does not even know this, but China has issued a statement condemning the incident. The Chinese Ministry of Defense has issued a statement saying that the US Air Force U-2 spy plane of the US Air Force in a no-fly zone during military exercises in the northern part of the country.

Infiltration is a serious and openly provocative action. Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said that this is a complete provocation. We strongly oppose it. America should stop such acts. The incident occurred when the Northern Theater Command of China was conducting military exercises. According to the Chinese Ministry of Defense, the incident occurred in northern China.

However, China has not given the exact location and timing of the incident. Tensions between the two countries have increased once again after this incident. The incident is also considered to be serious because last month, two American fighter jets had just flown a distance of 75 kilometers from Shanghai. Not only this, but the US Navy also did an exercise in the South China Sea. Recently, there were reports that the United States has deployed its fighter aircraft to meet the challenge of China near India.

China says that American planes spent several hours spying on its military exercises in the northern region. This affected the practice of the soldiers. China said- this act of America is dangerous. China says that this exercise is a necessary step for the security situation in the Taiwan Strait. China aims to protect national sovereignty. On the other hand, Vietnam has accused China of violating sovereignty. He has said that Chinese army drill in the South China Sea is going to increase tension in the area.

On the other hand, the US military has also given a befitting reply to the Chinese Ministry of Defense. The US military has said in its official statement that reconnaissance aircraft had flown into the Indo-Pacific region and are compatible with international regulations. Pacific Air Forces personnel will continue to fly wherever international regulations permit. Relations between the US and China are among the tensest in the current round of disputes over a range of issues including trade, technology, Taiwan, and the South China Sea.

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