US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin Lashed Out At China On The Taiwan Issue

US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin lashed out at China on the Taiwan issue, saying – talks are necessary to end the dispute.

US Defense Minister Attack China-US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin criticized China on Saturday for refusing to negotiate with the armies on the issue of border disputes in Taiwan and the South China Sea.

He said that dialogue is necessary to end the dispute. He was addressing the Shangri La Dialogue, a security conference in Asia.

China made this allegation about America.

The talks between the two countries have been stalled ever since US Secretary of State Antony Blinken canceled his visit to China.

A senior Chinese official said the US is responsible for stalling the talks, which has imposed sanctions on Chinese officials and affected the stability of the Asia Pacific region with military presence.

Relations between the US and China are at a decade low. He seems to be divided on many issues. Whether it is a matter of Taiwan’s sovereignty, espionage, or a border dispute in the South China Sea.

America replied.

Austin said that dialogue between leaders related to the defense and military sector of the US and China is necessary to resolve the dispute and stability in the Asia Pacific region.

The more we talk, the more misunderstandings will be removed.

Significantly, China’s Defense Minister Li Shangfu on Friday turned down Austin’s proposal for separate talks at the conference. However, both shook hands with each other.

Russia has put a condition in front of the US to return to the nuclear treaty and understand what is New START Treaty.

In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Russia is considering restarting the New START treaty with the US.

However, Russia has placed a condition in front of America for this treaty. Russia said that if America gives up its hostile attitude towards Russia, then Russia can consider adopting this treaty.

America threatens Russia not to give information about weapons.

Let us tell you that a few weeks ago the US informed that it would stop providing Russia with certain information required under the Arms Control Treaty, including updates on its missile and launcher locations.

Actually, America says that Russia turned away from the agreement between the two countries, due to which America has taken this decision.

America should give up its fundamentally hostile attitude towards Russia: Russia.

Ryabkov further said that our (Russia) decision to postpone the New START treaty agreement is absolutely irrevocable.

However, the US wants Russia to return to the accord again if the US abandons its fundamentally hostile attitude towards Russia.

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