Uproar In Karnataka Over ‘Hanuman’ Flag: Security Beefed Up In Mandya | BJP vs Siddaramaiah

Uproar in Karnataka Over ‘Hanuman’ Flag: Security Beefed Up in Mandya | BJP vs Siddaramaiah.

Uproar in Karnataka: Controversy erupted in Karnataka as the saffron Hanuman flag was replaced in Mandya. BJP protests, Siddaramaiah defends. Get the latest updates on the heated situation.

Now an uproar over ‘Hanuman’ in Karnataka, security increased after the uproar over the lowering of the saffron flag in Mandya; BJP angry at Siddaramaiah

The issue of hoisting the Hanuman flag is becoming heated in Mandya, Karnataka.

The district administration has also become alert regarding this incident. The administration has increased security in Keragodu village of Mandya.

Uproar in Karnataka: Security beefed up in Mandya.

According to a news agency, the 108-foot-tall Hanuman flag was installed on Gram Panchayat Board land in Keragodu village in the Mandya district of Karnataka, after which the saffron flag was removed from the flag pole by the administration.

BJP-JDS workers demonstrated.

However, BJP-JDS workers protested against this decision of the district administration. Karnataka Police force is present at the spot given the BJP-JDS demonstration.


Opposition leaders criticized the Siddaramaiah government.

At the same time, opposition leader R Ashok criticized this decision of the Siddaramaiah government.

He accused Congress of being anti-Ram and anti-Hanuman. He said that the Congress is against Ram and Hanuman temples.

They are doing this because of the Lok Sabha elections, they did the same during the inauguration of Ram Mandir. I oppose this and I will go to Mandya to register my protest, Congress is provoking Hindus.

It is not right to hoist the saffron flag in place of the national flag – Siddaramaiah.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah defended the administration’s decision to remove the Hanuman flag.

He said that the national flag should have been hoisted instead of the saffron flag on the pole situated on government land. It is improper, according to him, to fly the saffron flag instead of the national one

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