United Farmers Front’s Anti-Agri Movement Is Political

United Farmers Front’s anti-agriculture movement is creating new records of anarchy and violence.

Now all taboos have broken in Indian politics. The interpretation of the constitution is no longer according to the law, but according to the needs of the political parties.

The United Kisan Morcha recently called for a Bharat Bandh. To make this bandh successful, Maharashtra used both the government and hooliganism.

For the first time in the history of the country, it happened that a state government got a resolution passed by the cabinet to make the appeal of a bandh called by an organization successful.

The framers of the constitution would never have imagined this, but on this, no opposition party saw the constitution and democracy in danger.

The two claims or promises of the United Kisan Morcha regarding this movement have proved to be meaningless. First that it is non-political and second that the movement will be non-violent.

Those who cry to Gandhi while sleeping, no longer remember Gandhi. Gandhi stopped his movement after the violence in Chauri Chaura. In contrast, see the conduct of the United Kisan Morcha.

The orgy of anarchy that broke out in the Red Fort and other areas of Delhi on Republic Day was enough to stop this so-called non-violent movement, but what happened after that is more dangerous.

United Farmers Front’s Protest: In Punjab, BJP MLA’s clothes were torn, MLA’s vehicle attacked in western Uttar Pradesh, MLA was taken prisoner in Haryana.

In Haryana and Punjab, public representatives are not being allowed to go to their areas. Then in Lakhimpur Kheri, four people were beaten to death.

There is a great silence on this side of the incident among those who are saddened by the concern of the Brahmins and the poor in Uttar Pradesh.

What is more worrying than all these things is the statement of Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikait that the killing of BJP workers in Lakhimpur Kheri is not wrong.

There was no reaction from any opposition party to his statement. No court took suo moto cognizance. What can be more proof than this open incitement to violence?

So what should be considered is that the law of blood for blood has been implemented in the country?

United Kisan Morcha leader Gurnam Singh Chaduni met political leaders (Congress) and then appealed to the farmers to form a party and contest the elections.

He was pretended to be suspended from the front for a few days. The organization has now given up this drama and pomp. No one even asked a question Tikait.

A war is being fought in the name of the farmers’ movement in which there are many expectations from the BJP government at the Center and the Prime Minister like morality, working according to the provisions of the constitution, exercising restraint against violence.

There is a liberty for the other party to conduct against all these things.

Farmer leaders do not hold any constitutional post. They don’t even believe in the constitution. They will not tell what is wrong with the three agriculture laws that the government has made?

Their only insistence is to repeal the law, why cancel? Because without this the political parties whose game they are playing will not benefit them.

The United Kisan Morcha and the opposition parties opposing the government put all their might, but could not take this alleged movement out of two and a half states.

What the Uddhav Thackeray government did in Maharashtra should be seen in this context. Shiv Sena, Nationalist Congress Party, and Congress have a joint government in Maharashtra.

These three parties did not believe that even together they would be able to make the United Kisan Morcha’s call for Bharat Bandh successful. So there was only one way left, the Government shutdown.

United Farmers Front’s Protest: The government, which is responsible for running the state’s system, is getting the cabinet to pass a proposal to shut it down.

This is also an indication that Uddhav Thackeray was not sure that the other two parties would support his appeal. Even after doing all this, the goons of Shiv Sena had to be taken out on the road.

In Lakhimpur Kheri, four people were killed after being overpowered by a vehicle. Was it well planned or did it happen in a bad mood? It is being investigated.

When Union Minister of State for Home Ajay Mishra’s son Ashish was accused, the police registered a case named in murder and other sections. Four days later the arrest was also made.

Within fifteen hours, the Yogi government accepted all the demands of the farmers. Rakesh Tikait announced this in a joint press conference with ADG Law and Order of Uttar Pradesh.

The matter seemed to have cooled down and the law took its course. This caused uneasiness in the other camp. How can you miss such a big opportunity? The curse was sent to the first Tikait.

Wherever the Teikt sees the benefit, they bow down there. So he turned. Now programs like Bharat Bandh, Ardaas, Asthi Kalash Yatra, Rail Roko, and Mahapanchayat in Lucknow were announced.

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