Tractors Continue To Parade In Delhi: Farmers Protest

Tractors continue to parade in Delhi, know many important things related to the route. Kundali picket in Sonipat and tractor-trolley at UP gate continue. From the zero points of KGP-KMP, the GT road is completely closed.

Beyond this, only the farmers’ tractor is going. The horoscope is coming from the service lane of Jeeti Road coming from the border towards Sonipat, but it has a long jam.

Small is trapped there among the tractors. The young farmers are busy repairing traffic and queuing vehicles in service lanes.

At the same time, the protests of the farmers on the ticking border against agricultural laws continue on the 60th day on Sunday.

One protester said, “There are a lot of tractors coming from Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan today. We will take out a peaceful tractor parade on January 26. There will be around two-and-a-half lakh tractors at the ticking border.”

On the other hand, farmer leader Satnam Singh Panu of Punjab Kisan Sangharsh Samiti says that many farmers are coming to Delhi for Republic Day tractor rally.

We will parade the outer ring road of Delhi, no matter whether the Delhi Police permits or not.

Farmers are putting the tricolor along with the farmers union flag on their tractors. On Saturday, hundreds of farmers from different villages of Gohana put tricolor on the tractor-trolleys and reached the horoscope border. Due to the continuous arrival of a large number of tractors, there was a day of jam on Saturday ahead of GT Road on GT Road.

Number of tractors increased, convoy reached 10 to 12 km

The movement of farmers on the Delhi border in Sonipat is getting longer. Farmers’ stop on GT Road has increased from seven kilometers to now 10 to 12 kilometers.

With the tractor march in Delhi on January 26, the farmers continue to transport the horoscope border with tractor-trolleys.

On Saturday, more than one thousand tractors reached near the Kundali Border and this has led to the convoy of tractors crossing the zero point of KMP-KGP to Rajiv Gandhi Education City.

Possible route of the parade

Singhu Border: Tractor parade will be run from Saghu Border which will go through Sanjay Gandhi Transport, Kanjhawla, Bawana, Auchandi Border in Haryana.

Tikari Border: Tractor parade from Tikri Border will go to KMP via Nagloi, Najafgarh, Dhansa, Badli.

Ghazipur UP Gate: The tractor parade Apsara border from Ghazipur UP Gate will go to Duhai UP via Ghaziabad.

People of political parties will be banned in tractor parade: Tikait

At the same time, at the UP Gate on Saturday, farmers prepared for the tractor parade to be held on Republic Day. Rakesh Tikait, national spokesperson of the Indian Farmers Union, said that the tractor parade of farmers would be historic.

There will be complete ban on flags and individuals of political parties. He said that farmers’ groups from Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have left to come to UP Gate.

They are being stopped from place to place, but the farmers are not going to stop. Farmers will break barricades and reach here and take part in the parade.

He said that about 25 to 30 thousand tractors will arrive from every district of western Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand under the flag of Bhakiyu for the tractor parade.

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