Terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu Is Spreading Hatred

Terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu is spreading hatred on the Watsapp group, promoting Khalistani thinking. The WhatsApp group of Terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, a terrorist who promotes Khalistan thinking, remains the center of discussion for the country’s intelligence agency IB.

Because through this WhatsApp group, terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu is trying to sow the seeds of his dirty and militant thinking among the professional journalists and lawyers, who are called the most intelligent class of society, after which NIA including Delhi, Delhi Other investigating agencies, including the special cell of the police, have become very cautious. It is being told that this is being done at the behest of ISI.

The team of Central Intelligence Agency IB (Intelligence Bureau) is keeping a special eye on the Khalistani group in Delhi and Punjab. Because now Khalistan (Khalistan) thinking in the country’s capital and the claim of this person who carried out anti-national activities has become very suspicious activities.

Therefore, in this case, the team of IB has specially alerted the team of Special Cell including the Chief of Delhi Police, so that no major case could be held in the capital Delhi. Along with this, the intentions of those terrorists could not be propagated in the capital like Delhi.

Sending audio message
The Whatsapp group has been created and is being disseminated by terrorist Gurparwant Singh Pannu and his organization Sikh for Justice. Under this, many audio messages are also coming to hundreds of people daily in Delhi.
Terrorist connected to Khalistan, Delhi connection

  • (202) 938-7092 This is a number that has added many journalists of Delhi to that group as group administrators. The name of that WhatsApp group has been named “BEST INDIAN JOURNALIST”, that is, aiming to praise some journalists by unnecessarily adding to it and then spreading their dirty thinking through the same group.
  • Many knowledgeable journalists from Delhi were added to this group, but many journalists who are well aware of the intent and intention of such a group, left the group with immediate effect but still many people in that group Are included.
  • About 15-20 days before forming this group, many journalists were getting frequent calls from unknown numbers on mobile numbers, which were ignored by many journalists, while many were trying to understand the seriousness of the matter.

Intelligence agency alert
The Indian intelligence agency IB is collecting information from moment to moment on this matter. Along with this, IB sources have also told that all the information is being shared with the Delhi Police as well as the NIA i.e. National Investigation Agency. So that the terrorist and his organization on this matter can be stopped before any anti-national activities are carried out.

Was cautious on this matter earlier also
Just a few days ago, Media made a big disclosure about terrorist Gurparwant Singh Pannu (Gurpatwant singh pannu) and his dangerous terrorist thinking about Delhi, how after Punjab, now a big network in the capital Delhi.

It is planned to be established and under this secret plan, terrorist Pannu has been making impossible efforts to influence the different communities and youth living in Delhi and Delhi for the last 15 consecutive days. While telling about the thinking of those terrorists, it was told that those people are working with such dirty and anti-national thinking “Delhi has to be made Khalistan”.

According to sources, terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu used to work to spread his poisonous thinking through social media and mail and messages for anti-national activities, but now after social media, through the audio message on the mobile number of many people, the country Is engaged in carrying out anti-activities.

Conspiracy in the direction of ISI
Pannu himself is trying to promote the thinking of such terrorists inside India by staying in New York, USA and at the behest of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. Although this action was being tried in Punjab for a long time, but if there is not much of his pulse there, then he is trying to target Delhi to make headlines in the national and international media.

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