Telangana Govt Ponders Broadening Covid-19 Checks

Telangana Govt ponders broadening Covid-19 checks; KCR to Fix Plan in 3 days as Doctors raise concern. K Chandrashekhar Rao said the government would inspect every single applicable issue and accept an important choice as a few issues must be thought of on the off chance that it chooses to re-force lockdown in GHMC limits.

Hyderabad: Expressing that few wellbeing authorities and clinical specialists have looked for re-burden of lockdown for 15 days, the Telangana government on Sunday said that choice on stricter controls would be taken before long considering the sharp ascent in coronavirus cases in Hyderabad.

“Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has chosen to finish the procedure to contain the spread of coronavirus in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation in the following three to four days,” an official discharge said.

Rao said the Telangana Govt would analyze every applicable issue and accept a vital choice as a few issues must be thought of on the off chance that it chooses to re-force lockdown in GHMC limits. “On the off chance that a lockdown is forced, it ought to be actualized carefully and completely. There ought to be a day-long time limitation with a couple of hours unwinding to purchase the fundamentals,” the discharge cited him as having said.

Rao, who held a gathering with Health Minister E Rajender and authorities, said there was no should be on edge about the quantity of COVID-19 cases in the city as the administration has made all courses of action to give treatment to those influenced.

“We have kept a huge number of beds prepared in both Telangana Govt and private medical clinics and schools. Patients who are in basic condition are treated in emergency clinics. Asymptomatic patients are given treatment in their homes,” Rajender said.

Seeing that the spread of the infection was comparative the nation over, he said the demise rate in Telangana was lesser than the national normal. Special chief Secretary (Clinical and Wellbeing) Shanta Kumari said that while the national normal COVID-19 demise rate was 3.04, it is 1.52 in Telangana.

Rajender likewise said a few wellbeing authorities and clinical specialists looked for re-inconvenience of lockdown for 15 days under as far as possible. Taking note of that a lockdown has been re-forced in Chennai and different urban areas were additionally thinking along comparative lines, Rao said the Wellbeing office likewise proposed it.

Be that as it may, re-burden of lockdown would be a significant choice and individuals and the administration apparatus, including police, ought to be prepared for it, he said.

The state Cabinet likewise should be gathered, he said. “Let us inspect the circumstance acutely for a few days. On the off chance that need be, the Bureau will be assembled to talk about proposition for the lockdown, choices, and other related issues and a choice will be taken,” Rao said.

As of Saturday, the quantity of COVID-19 cases in the state was 13,436, with a greater part of them being accounted for from GHMC and its neighboring regions.

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