Tanishq Ad Controversy: People Angry Over New Advertisement

Tanishq Ad Controversy: People angry over the new advertisement of jewelery brand Tanishq, video removed. In view of the festive season, the famous jewelery brand Tanishq released a new advertisement for its promotion, but it caused trouble for the brand.

As soon as the video surfaced, people started opposing it on all social platforms. People described it as promoting jihad. The tone of protest rose to such an extent that Tanishq was forced to remove the advertisement from its YouTube channel. However, those who supported it also came into the fray but the tone of the protest was so strong that they did not stop.

People on social media termed it as promoting love jihad

On Twitter alone, more than 19 thousand people have demanded to ban this advertisement and within a short time it started trending on Twitter. People on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram also raised a strong protest.

Actress Richa Chadha described the advertisement as beautiful. Divya Dutta, who gave her voice in this advertisement, was asked by a user whether it was her voice. Replying, she wrote yes, this is my voice. But sadly, it was turned off air.

Responding to this, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said, “So the hardline Hindutva people have called for a boycott of Tanishq Jewelery. If Hindu-Muslim Ekatvam (unity) bothers them a lot, why don’t they boycott India, the symbol of the longest living Hindu-Muslim unity in the world? ‘

Tanishq said in a statement that the idea of ​​Ekatvam campaign to celebrate the coming together of people from different regions. There have been serious reactions to this film. We inadvertently express grief for the loss of people’s feelings and withdraw our advertisement.

This is the case

A new advertisement by Tanishq featured a Hindu woman. He is married in a Muslim family. The video depicts the ritual of Goddess of Goddess. The special thing is that the Muslim family performs all the rituals according to Hindu customs.

Later, the pregnant woman asks her mother-in-law that the mother does not have this ritual in your house, on which her mother-in-law says that, but the ritual of keeping the daughter happy is in every house. The video attempts to show the Hindu-Muslim family united.

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