Talks Will Be Held Between The Govt And Farmer Leaders On 20th

Talks will be held between the government and farmer leaders on 20th, the Agriculture Minister said – new agricultural laws will change the condition and direction.

The 10th round of government with agitating farmer organizations will now be held on Wednesday 20 January. The talks were earlier scheduled to be held on 19 January.

Before the talks, Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar on Monday praised the three new agricultural laws. He said, ‘These laws are going to change the condition and direction of the farmers of the country.

Relieving legal restrictions, providing fair prices for produce, encouraging the cultivation of expensive crops and linking them to the food processing industry. Agricultural reforms will be helpful for farmers.

Tomar was speaking at the National Conference of Rural Voluntary Institutions held at the National Institute of Cooperative Management here on Monday.

If farmers unions discuss options, a solution will surely come out Talking to reporters after the ceremony, Tomar said, “If farmers unions discuss options in Tuesday’s talks, then a solution will surely be found.” In the conference, Tomar said that whenever there is a good thing, then there are obstacles in it.

His reference was to the peasant movement being run for agrarian reform. He said that confusion is being spread across the country that the minimum support price (MSP) is going to end, while the government has repeatedly clarified on many forums that the MSP will continue and government procurement will continue.

Now, with the inclusion of pulses and oilseeds in the MSP, the government has also started procuring their produce.

Raised deep concern over imbalance in agriculture Claiming to be a surplus country in food production, Tomar also expressed deep concern over the imbalance in agriculture. He said that the situation is different for big and small farmers.

In view of this, the government has taken several measures to provide benefits such as subsidy for small farmers, increase their participation in MSP, technology and market link.

Tomar said that for a long time, agricultural experts have been discussing agricultural scientists, farmer organizations and other scholars working in this field for agricultural reforms.

The Swaminathan Committee recommendation emphasized reforms. This change has been brought in view of the need for legal reforms in agriculture.

The need for these laws was felt long ago, but the then governments were helpless in the face of ‘pressure and influence’. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi passed a proposal to amend two new laws and one law in the Parliament in the interest of farmers.

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